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hero 1 May 2013

Bringing the kids along is usually the most fun and fulfilling way to travel. But let’s face it: it isn’t always the easiest. Which is why One&Only resort’s offer fully-supervised programmes for children, and a roster of activities that allows for family time together and individual moments apart. This month, we bring you news and top tips about the resorts’ family-friendly activities, the best-rated KidsOnly offerings to keep tots and teens entertained, as well as travel advice for family holidays. To round things off, we’ve got news on the latest stylish and sun-protective children’s beachwear from Sunuva, plus a recipe for gingerbread cookies that’s sure to satisfy kids of all ages (as well as those who are just young at heart). 

Reservations at One&Only resorts can be made through your preferred travel professional or online at  oneandonlyresorts.com.

Play Time
Let the kids go wild—but not too wild—with the latest and greatest delights and distractions at the KidsOnly Clubs at each of our resorts.

The creative activities and exciting excursions at KidsOnly Clubs take everything parents love about the One&Only experience and shrink it all down to perfectly pint-sized proportions. Here's the latest from our retreats around the world.

One&Only Ocean Club, The Bahamas
Cookery-minded kids can play Chef for a day at our KidsOnly Culinary Academy, preparing sweet and savoury treats including chocolate cookie pops and pizza, with the real live gastronomic greats who run our resort kitchens.

One&Only The Palm, Dubai
Cooking classes are also top of the docket here, where specific recipes depend on seasonal ingredients and the kids in attendance. Particularly popular past plates include gingerbread cookies, cupcakes and bread, and all kids get to wear chefs jackets and hats while they work.

One&Only Palmilla, Los Cabos, Mexico
Kids are crazy about the frequent fiestas we throw at our Mexican retreat. But the fun starts even before the party begins, with a hands-on piñata-making workshop. Then the main event gets going, and the kids get cracking—the piñata, that is—until treats of all kinds come pouring out.

One&Only Cape Town, South Africa
Souvenirs mean so much more to kids when they've had a hand in making them, which is why the African beading activities here are such a big hit. Using traditional beads, kids create their own one-of-a-kind bracelets, key chains and sun catchers.

One&Only Le Saint Géran, Mauritius
While SCUBA is largely off limits for little ones, and even snorkelling can be a bit tough, Mauritius's Underwater Sea Walk programs lets kids ages eight and up enjoy an easy-breathing below-the-surface experience. Wearing a special helmet that allows for normal breathing (and under constant expert supervision from professional lifeguards), children will take an underwater tour of a local reef, discovering the brightly colored coral, exotic fish and the other unusual forms of sea life that inhabit this marine world.

One&Only Reethi Rah, Maldives
Kids love the activities at this private-island destination so much, it's impossible to just pick one favourite, or even two. Top draws for the littlest ones (aged 4 to 8) are a pirate-style cruise, sushi- and pastry-making classes and kids yoga, while older children go for guided snorkelling on the house reef, cycling round the island and property-wide scavenger hunts.

All Together Now
Find some family-style fun with One&Only active adventures and surprising pursuits that parents and children will both enjoy 

At One&Only resorts, spending quality time as a family means much more than simply lounging by the beach and playing in the pool (not that there’s anything wrong with either of those blissful pass times). Our retreats the world over offer you one-of-a-kind experiences expressly designed to enjoy all together.

One&Only Ocean Club, The Bahamas
For the sporting set, our colonial-cool Caribbean escape brings you tennis and golf clinics led by expert pros on our six Har-Tru tennis courts and our oceanfront, 72-par, 18-hole course designed by Tom Weiskopf. Our KidsOnly counsellors, meanwhile, organise high-octane family-style “Olympics” by the beach, and those parents and children interested in more aquatic adventures can head over to our sister resort, Atlantis Paradise Island, for behind-the-scenes tours of the dolphins and sea lions at the Dolphin Cay outdoor aquarium and a chance to participate in our turtle and stingray feedings.

One&Only Cape Town, South Africa
Book-ahead guided excursions all around Cape Town (and beyond) bring you and your family up close and personal with the natural wonders of South Africa, from the hands-on Touch Pool at the city’s Two Oceans Aquarium, to seal-spotting on a canal cruise around the Victoria & Albert Waterfront to engaging encounters with penguins, butterflies, eagles and even cheetah cubs at a variety of other nearby locales.

One&Only Palmilla, Los Cabos, Mexico
Beyond the resort’s family pool, you’ll find family-ready waterborne recreation by the beach: kayaks built for two stand-up paddleboards, snorkelling equipment and, for the youngest ones, sand toys. At the tranquil One&Only Spa, meanwhile, the soothing salves aren’t just for Mum and Dad; we’ve got kid-friendly yoga as well as treatments for mothers and daughters to enjoy together, and special manicures, pedicures and facials for teenagers.

One&Only Le Saint Géran, Mauritius
The spa-side services also entice kids and parents at this Indian Ocean retreat, where our Family Sanctuary lets you and your darling little one take over a double treatment room usually reserved for couples. There, you’ll enjoy a massage or facial of your choice from our wide-ranging menu of different holistic techniques, while your aspiring spa aficionado can sample from our Young Traveller menu (think scalp treatments, facials, henna tattoos and hair-braiding).

Children and parents also get a kick out of the resort’s performances of a traditional island dance called Séga. Every Monday, during Mauritian night at the resort, kids can join a special Séga lesson, learning from KidsOnly counselors and donning colourful costumes that they’ll then wear during the pre-dinner performance. After the kids have their turn, they invite parents on stage to show off their moves.

One&Only Reethi Rah, Maldives
Families of all types love the fun educational adventures arranged by Zoe Andrews, the in-house marine biologist at our Indian Ocean private-island getaway. Zoe can bring you and the kids on four different aquatic adventures (as well as custom-designed private excursions) in the Maldivian reefs, one of the richest marine ecosystems on earth. Two particular family favourites are Secrets of the Thila, which reveals a pair of Zoe’s most-visited underwater locations, and Turtle Adventure, which takes you to explore the shelled creatures’ natural habitat, sailing to their home reef on a traditional dhoni boat. 

Are We There Yet?
Discover what the pros (aka One&Only’s top-flight kid-caretakers) have learned about travelling with children

Being on holiday with your children is a joy…except when it isn’t. From jet lag-induced meltdowns to hunger-caused howls and a variety of other minor catastrophes brought on by long-haul travel, children aren’t always at their best (or on their best behaviour) when on the go. Here, five tips—assembled by surveying the fleet of kid-loving babysitters working across our resorts—for keeping them entertained and angelic not only in transit but when you get where you’re going, too.

1. Bring the fun: To keep little ones entertained, throw some involving games and art supplies in a bag for the journey. A beloved toy can also help your children adjust to a new environment. (But if you forget to pack a kid-pleasing pouch, don’t worry; we’ve got plenty of colouring books, crayons, toys and more at our KidsOnly Clubs.)

2. Snack to it: Once you get to your favourite One&Only, you’ll find that we’ve designed our kids’ menus to appeal to petite palates even as they give a taste of local cuisine. But when you’re getting here, having healthy treats on hand is a must. Packing favourite light bites from home keeps kids hunger-pang free throughout a long day of travel, helping stave off temper tantrums.

3. Make memories: Encourage your kids to keep a journal chronicling your time away, something in which they can write about and draw pictures of all the fun they’ve been having at One&Only and beyond. They can also add in ephemera like maps, brochures, ticket stubs, postcards and menus, turning the daily diary into a full-blown scrapbook. Consider bringing along a kid-friendly camera, too; our staff will be happy to pose for pictures.

4. Call ahead: Before you depart, or even when you make your booking, advise the One&Only reservations teams about any special needs your child may have—food allergies, say, or certain minor medical issues.

5. Take caution: Pack a small First Aid kit for little bumps and bruises and any regularly taken medications. (If you’d like, you can even request a One&Only resort doctor’s contact details before you leave). And, of course, make sure you pack sunscreen, a hat, good walking shoes and a waterproof jacket.

Babysitting is available at all One&Only resorts. For rates and more information, please contact the reservations team at the resort at which you will next be staying.

Kids style to beat the heat
Keep your little ones looking their stylish best, and protect them from the sun, with the latest looks from the UK-based swim- and beachwear brand Sunuva—now available at the NEO boutiques at One&Only Palmilla, One&Only Le Saint Géran and One&Only Reethi Rah.

Sometimes it takes a beachside break to come up with a brilliant business idea. Such was the case for Emily Cohen and Sabrina Naggar, two British beauty executives who met while vacationing at the same oceanfront resort in 2007. Their children knew each other from school, and while the children played in the sand and surf, Emily, who founded the cosmetics brand Pout, and Sabrina, who helped develop TOPSHOP's makeup line, got to talking about their quests to find stylish and sun-protecting togs for their little ones.

Neither had found anything that satisfied, and so they decided to take matters into their own hands, creating the whimsically chic children's label Sunuva. Sold at such high-end stores as Harrods, Selfridges, Harvey Nichols and Barneys, today the brand's playfully printed, sun-protecting swimsuits and rash vests, as well as coordinating resort wear, have earned the brand a following among such celebrity mums as Victoria Beckham, Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow.

The line has also found a home at the NEO boutiques at One&Only Palmilla, One&Only Le Saint Géran and One&Only Reethi Rah, where it's so popular we can barely keep it on the shelves. Here, Emily offers her top five picks from the latest Sunuva offerings currently on sale at One&Only, all of them inspired by the ladies' bohemian family travels to exotic destinations.

1. Girls Cupcake Rash Vest Little girls adore the pretty pink cupcake design and gingham details of this piece, one of our best-selling rash vests. Not only does it look super cute, it's also made from the highest quality, breathable Italian UPF 50+ fabric, which blocks out 97% of the sun's harmful rays.

2. Boys Jellyfish Swim Shorts Also made from a UPF 50+ fabric, these swim shorts, with their cool jellyfish design, are perfect for boys who love to explore the ocean. Their fun bright-orange colour looks fabulous on the beach.

3. Girls Strawberry Bikini The mint colour and fun red strawberries of this bikini always look fresh and summery, exactly what you want on holiday. The UV-blocking design is finished with cute bows, which add to its girly style.

4. Boys Pale-Blue Grandpa Shirt This classic linen shirt, in a gorgeous soft blue and with a grandpa-style collar, is perfect for summer: The sleeves roll up, securing with tabs and wooden buttons, and the lightweight fabric ensures your little guy will stay cool on even the hottest of tropical days.

5. Girls Floral Big Pocket Dress We use our softest natural cotton to make this pretty pink-and-white floral dress, adding to the feminine look with cute bow-tie strap details. It's comfortable and easy to wear—perfect for throwing over a swimsuit after a day at the beach.

Until 15 June 2013, One&Only guests can enjoy an exclusive 30% discount on all Sunuva purchases made on the brand's website, sunuva.com. Just enter the code Oneandonly30 at checkout.


One&Only Recipe of the Month
Treat tiny tykes to an at-home gingerbread-baking and -decorating adventure with this recipe from One&Only Cape Town

Gingerbread Cookies from One&Only Cape Town


• 1/2 tsp baking soda 

• 1 Tbsp dried ground ginger 

• 1 cup (220g) firmly packed soft brown sugar or dark cane sugar 

• 150g unsalted butter at room temperature 

• 1 egg, beaten 

• 1/2 cup powdered icing sugar 

• Food colouring, Smarties and raisins to decorate 

1. Preheat oven to 180°C. Line two baking trays with baking paper.

2. Sift flour, baking soda and ground ginger together and place in a bowl or food processor. Add soft brown sugar or dark cane sugar and stir to combine.

3. Add butter and rub it in to the dry ingredients with fingertips or pulse in food processor until mixture resembles fine breadcrumbs. Add egg and stir or pulse to mix. If dough is too sticky, add a little more flour and stir or pulse to combine. When desired consistency has been reached, remove from bowl or food processor, wrap in cling wrap and refrigerate for 30 minutes.

4. Remove dough from refrigerator and roll it out on a lightly floured surface or between two sheets of baking paper until 5mm thick. Using cookie cutters, cut shapes and place on tray. Form leftover dough into a ball, re-roll and cut more cookies, repeating the process until all dough is used.

5. Bake gingerbread men for 8-10 minutes or until cooked and golden brown. Remove from oven and cool on baking rack.

6. Make icing by adding a few drops of food colouring and water to the powdered icing sugar. Drop a small amount under each spot where you wish to place a Smartie or raisin.

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