Update: No Day Zero for 2019 if appropriate water restrictions are maintained 

We are seriously committed to drastically reducing water usage across the resort. We have invested heavily in our resources, technology and water saving initiatives in order to do so.

We are taking every possible step to effectively manage our water consumption and encourage our guests to ‘Save Like A Local’.

Along with introducing waterless hand sanitizer, installing eco-shower heads and aerating devices on all taps to minimize demand and consumption (saving 50% since May 2017), we have implemented grey water harvesting and our resort initiatives include:

  • - Bath plugs have been removed and short shower usage promoted with shower timers.
  • - We have done away with automatically changing sheets and towels daily and now do so every three days.
  • - Water based air-conditioning systems are being adapted to reduce water loss.
  • - The swimming pool water top up is only done via treated and filtered recycled water.
  • - We will have in place live dashboards showing water consumption and savings for guests, staff and the public.
  • - We are installing a borehole on the property as an alternative supply.
  • - Steam showers have been closed and Spa baths have been removed from the menu.
  • - We have launched a conservation committee to continually look for areas in which to save and help our employees to save water not only in the workplace but also at home.

Please be more aware of your usage and use a little less. 

Sincere thanks to you for your understanding and patience.

One&Only Cape Town