Festive at One&Only Reethi Rah

Celebrate the holiday season in the luxurious surroundings of One&Only Reethi Rah and enjoy a selection of festive activities

Reethi Rah Festive Lights
Reethi Rah Santa Jetski
One&Only Reethi Rah - Festive


A stunning One&Only retreat awaits you and your loved ones in Dubai this summer. Escape to the lovely One&Only The Palm or the majestic One&Only Royal Mirage with one of our thoughtfully tailored offers to suit every mood, desire and whim. From romantic getaways to family adventures, there is something for everyone. Explore our Serene Spa offers and escape with friends or family to a sanctuary of rejuvenating calm and blissful serenity for some much needed R&R.

Christmas Celebrations


Christmas Tree Lighting and Family Cocktails
This tree lighting ceremony is the official kick-off to the festive season at One&Only Reethi Rah. While the little ones are invited to decorate the Christmas tree, other family members are invited to experience this tradition that builds memories lasting a lifetime.
7pm at Rah Bar


Christmas Cocktails
Savour delicious cocktails and canapés as the sun sets on the Indian Ocean. It is a magical Christmas moment for your family and loved ones.
7pm to 8pm at Rah Bar Poolside

Christmas Eve Dinner Buffet
With the finest ingredients, our chefs have prepared traditional seasonal favourites, premium cuts, fresh catches from the sea and festive treats. With spectacular views in the evenings, Reethi Restaurant offers an unrivalled backdrop to a magical Christmas Eve.
8pm to 10.30pm at Reethi Restaurant


Christmas Champagne Brunch
Be spoilt for choice in a selection of our epicurean offerings, featuring a selection of international cuisines and holiday classics catering to those with discerning tastes.
12.30pm to 4pm at Reethi Restaurant & Rah Bar

Reethi Rah Santa Paragliding

Family Festive Fun


Badminton Tournament
From individual circuits to team competition, our tournaments are popular among our guests. These will consist of single and doubles for men, women and co-doubles.

4.30pm at Clubone | 2-Day Tournament | Second game on 25 December

Football Tournament
Traditionally, the words “family” and “football” have gone together. If you are new to football we hope you will be watching or cheering your family members. Attending a match can be a great family occasion – so get involved!

5pm at the football field | 2-Day Tournament | Second game on 28 December

28 DECEMBER 2016

Reethi Island Marathon
Stay fit during your holidays with our island marathon that undergoes a total of 6.4 kilometres. It’s a flat-off sandy path which will allow you to experience every corner of the island. Enjoy a breathtaking view of the ocean as you run.

8am at the football field


Tennis Tournament
The spirit of the tournament is fun, friendly and aimed at building teamwork among your family and friends. Remember, competition can be great fun for all levels and ages.

4pm at the tennis court


Family Fitness Challenge
Think outside of the gym and take advantage of your indoor and outdoor surroundings. Get ready to run and sweat – this is about as much fun and competitive as the Olympics. When the whistle goes, the challenge begins.

4pm at Clubone


Volleyball Tournament
Be sure to mark the New Year’s Day for the volleyball tournament! May your competitor be your friends and family on the island or our team members, enjoy playing volleyball in this combination of instruction and play.

4.30pm at Clubone | 2-Day Tournament | Second game on 2 January

Reethi Rah Christmas Trees

New Year Dazzles

28 DECEMBER 2016

Welcome to Reethi Carnival
Feel the magic of Reethi Carnival with our opening party for the festivities. Join us for the carnival parade, activities, canapés and champagne to preview the magic of Reethi Carnival for New Year’s Eve!

6.45pm - Carnival Parade from Fanditha to the Lawn Club | Party Starts at 7pm at the Lawn Club


New Year's Eve Party and Gala Dinner
Usher in the New Year at the Reethi Carnival, where the elements of Rio Carnival will enlighten your senses. Experience the unforgettable views of the Indian Ocean and glittering skyline beyond that will lit up with fireworks. Featuring an elegant selection of dishes, the dazzling night is complemented by live entertainment by Beverly Knight.

8pm to 9pm - Cocktail Reception at the Beachfront Marquee | 9pm to 3am - Gala Dinner at Sunrise Beach

Survivor's Party
Do not miss the spectacular party that will continue until the New Year’s sunrise. Dance all night, till the next morning, with friends and family and great music.

3am onwards at Beach Club


New Year's Day Chill-out Brunch
Start the New Year with a delicious champagne brunch as you toast to the new beginnings. Indulge in a bountiful selection of international cuisine, free-flowing champagne and relax to the chilled-out tunes all afternoon.

12.30pm to 4pm at Reethi Restaurant & Rah Bar

Reethi Rah Christmas Table

Orthodox Christmas Celebration

6 JANUARY 2017

Orthodox Christmas Cocktails and Gala Dinner
There will always be something special and magical about the festive time and it continues with the Orthodox Christmas. Celebrate the Orthodox Christmas Eve with a lavish international buffet featuring traditional festive favourites. The celebration continues till with live music and entertainment.

7pm onwards at Sunrise Beach

Reethi Rah Festive Kids Only
نبذة عن الملعب

نبذة عن الملعب

خمسة مجموعات من مبادين الجولف المتدرجة، وأربعة بحيرات تقع على ارتفاعات متباينة تمنح لاعبي الغولف على كافة مستوياتهم تجربة ممتعة لا تنسى. تم تصنيف نادي الغولف في بالميلا الواقع على مسافة قصيرة من المنتجع كواحد من أفضل 100 ملعب غولف ضمن قائمة منتجعات الغولف الكبرى في العالم. كما يعتبر نادي بالميلا للغولف واحداً من ملاعب نيكلاوس ذات الثمانية العشر حفرة التي اختيرت لتكون أحد ملاعب بيرز بيست، وهو ملعب مذهل مبني في صحراء لاس فيغاس.


يُمثّل مطعم سيرد المبتكر بالتعاون مع سيد الطهي جان جورجيز فونجرشتن إضافةً رائعة تمضي ببراعة الطهي المتميزة في ون آند أونلي بالميلا قُدُماً نحو آفاقٍ جديدةِ، حيث يقدم أجود أنواع شرائح اللحم والمأكولات البحرية الطازجة مع قائمة شاملة من نبيذ المكسيك.

من اعتماد قطع لحم الواغيو إيه ٥ وكوبي إلى الريش البقرية المشوية والتندرلون، تحضر سيدر ١٥ قطعة مختلفة من لحوم البقر عالية الجودة وفق أدق المعايير التي يتنافس بها أشهر مطاعم شرائح اللحم حول العالم. كما تستفيد قائمة المأكولات من اقتراب المطعم من البحر أيضاً، لتقدم لضيوفها أطباق أم الربيان الشوكي المحلي وسمك النهاش الأحمر المشوي حتى درجة الكمال، مع إضافة شهية من مشويات المأكولات البحرية وهاماتشي ساشيمي. سوف يندهش ضيوف المطعم بالتنوع الواسع من النكهات والخيارات.

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