"Disrupting Patterns" at Melrose Gallery at One&Only Cape Town

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Disrupting patterns

A thought-provoking pan African contemporary exhibition at the Melrose Gallery.

"Disrupting Patterns" at Melrose Gallery at One&Only Cape Town
"Disrupting Patterns" at Melrose Gallery at One&Only Cape Town

Exciting news for art lovers, and art enthusiasts living in, or visiting Cape Town during the festive season. The Melrose Gallery will be launching the second exhibition of 2019 titled ‘Disrupting Patterns’ and will run until the 31st of January 2020. The Melrose Gallery is based on the first floor at the resort. The Gallery is known for its Pan African Contemporary artists and providing a warm and yet professional service to a large global collector’s base.

This exclusive group exhibition will feature powerful works by established and emerging artists from the Continent of Africa. The title ‘Disrupting Patterns’ speaks to the alternative ways contemporary African art questions the construction upon which we build different cultural and historical narratives that end up subverting the original meanings of what has been appropriated towards a move that disrupts the pattern. Although ‘Patterns’ refers to ‘pattern making’ and the use of recurring forms or shapes to create artworks. It also speaks to the ‘accepted’ or the ‘norm’ of which these artists are in the process of disrupting as an intellectual framework towards the possibilities of contemporary art in Africa.

"Disrupting Patterns" at Melrose Gallery at One&Only Cape Town
"Disrupting Patterns" at Melrose Gallery at One&Only Cape Town

The artworks include various genres including painting, photography, mixed media and sculpture. Multi award winning artist Adejoke Tugbiyele will present 3 of her sculptures created from grass brooms that speak to the ‘labour of the broom’, the African tradition of using a broom to sweep away negative energy and the female form. Dr Esther Mahlangu’s globally acclaimed Ndebele inspired canvases create an interesting dialogue with the Zulu inspired contemporary abstract artworks of Ndabuko Ntuli and the Xhosa inspired contemporary beadworks of Philiswa Lila, Gerard Sekoto and ABSA L’Atelier winner. Ronald Muchatuta, the only Zimbabwean represented at the upcoming Stellenbosch Triennale that takes place in February will be showcasing some of his powerful illustrations and mixed media works that speak to migration and the lack of freedom of movement across borders. Christiaan Diedericks, the master print maker, will present some of his works that work to disrupt the current order and speak to social, political, economic and other injustices.

Aza Mansongi, an artist born in the Democratic Republic Of Congo, who now works from Cameroon, presents her large, energy infused canvases that represent our hectic lives spent servicing our obsession for possessions, digital media, fashion, makeup and wealth. Despite their important disruptive message and the conflicted area from which she emanates, Aza still manages to imbue her artworks with a palpable sense of humour that collectors are finding quite contagious.

Mandlenkosi Mavengere will showcase his mixed media works on canvas that speak to the current economic crisis in Zimbabwe with his paintings of scenes from every day life presented against a backdrop of a bank note.

Other artists who are participating in the exhibition include Denis Mubiru, Paul Blomkamp, Clint Strydom, Sfiso Ka-Mkame, Papytsho Mafolo and Edozie Anedu.

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For more information on the exhibition and the artists showcased please visit www.themelrosegallery.com or contact Mike@themelrosegallery.com.
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