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Chilean Seabass - One&Only Cape Town
White Fish Sashimi with Dry Miso & Yuzu Dressing

Chilean Seabass - One&Only Cape Town


  • - Arrange white fish slices horizontally next to each other.
  • - Combine the olive oil and yuzu citrus to make a dressing, and drizzle on top of the fish.
  • - Sprinkle the dry miso and chopped chives evenly, and finish with a scattering of garlic chips on top of each slice.

Preparation of Dry Miso

  • - Use white, red or yellow cooking miso.
  • - Spread the miso as thinly as possible on a silicon mat or baking paper.
  • - Place in a warm area to dry out naturally for one to two days.
  • - Alternatively, dry in an oven for one to two hours at 110 deg C. Once dry, crumble or blitz in a blender.


110g white fish (sea bass or red snapper), cut into 9 slices 1/8 inch or 3mm thickness
20g dry miso
1 tsp yuzu citrus juice
2 tsp extra-virgin olive oil
Garnish with finely chopped chives
1 garlic clove, sliced and fried in oil until nicely coloured, to make garlic chips for garnish