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Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley

Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley - Seared Swordfish

Seared Swordfish, Parsnip Puree and Oberon Truffles


Snapper Broth

  1. Place all ingredients into the pot
  2. Bring to boil and simmer for 5 minutes
  3. Strain the broth
  4. Snapper broth should be reduced quickly by half, do not simmer slowly. (The more reduced the stronger the aromatics) Squeeze one fresh lemon and half an orange and reduce to a third.

Parsnip Puree

  1. Peel and cut parsnip, poach in equal quantiles of milk and water with sprigs of thyme to cover the parsnips. When soft, blend in a food processor, season with salt and pepper; retain for later – if you require a richer product add a small amount of cream and butter when re-heating (similar to potato puree).


  1. Sear in a hot pan with olive oil until lightly golden, finish in the oven at 160 degrees for 3-4 minutes. Take out of oven and add a tablespoon of cold butter to the pan, spooning it over the seafood as it melts. Squeeze of lemon. Remove from pan.
  2. In another hot pan, add the scampi, cook gently, allowing to colour slightly, add a small amount of butter and a squeeze of lemon, remove from pan.
  3. Take out of oven and add a tablespoon of cold butter to the pan, spooning it over the seafood as it melts. Add a squeeze of lemon.

To plate:

  1. Place a small amount of parsnip puree onto the plate and swipe in a circular motion to create a well for the sauce.
  2. Place the swordfish at the top of the puree, and arrange the scampi.
  3. Spoon the sauce into the centre of the puree; it should be captured in the puree creating a small pond.
  4. Gently shave truffle over the scampi.
  5. Garnish with nasturtium leaves.


Serves 4 portions

- 4x 80g Swordfish
- 8x Scampi (shell removed, retain the tail meat, remove intestine)
- 600g Parsnip
- Citrus Beurre Blanc (snapper broth made in advance)
- Truffle (Optional) 3g per portion
- Maldon sea salt
- 400ml Milk - 400ml Water
- 50g Butter (cold butter cut into cubes)

Snapper Broth:
- 12 x Baby Snapper Heads
- 1 x Fennel bulb
- Sea Salt
- 1/2 Celery
- 1/2 Leek

Add together intro a pan and sauté
- Garlic, flambé
- Pernod
- 1 tsp
- 1 tsp
- 3 Bay Leaf
- 10 Pepper Corns
- 1 Sprig Thyme
- 1 Star Anise
- 1 Chilli (with seed)
- 3 tsp Tomato Puree
- 2 DL White Wine
- 2 DL Pernod
- 4 x fresh tomatoes
- Saffron pinch

Citrus Beurre Blanc:
- 100ml of Snapper Broth – Reduced to 80ml
- Gently whisk in 50g cold butter cubes, season

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