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Discover our magical hideaway in Malaysia


One&Only Desaru Coast

Cloaked in blissful seclusion, comes a magical hideaway with wonders unsung. Surrender completely as One&Only Desaru Coast illuminates secrets of the East like never before.

Discover the location

Nestled on the south-eastern shoreline of Malaysia, on 128-acres of white powder sands between lush jungle flora and South China Sea, One&Only Desaru Coast is a spectacular retreat that embodies the essence of her location, known as the ‘village of palms’.

Aerial View of the Beach at One&Only Desaru Coast

Caressed by wild flora

Trees and Nature at One&Only Desaru Coast

“This new wonder-world, so enchanting, tantalising, intoxicating, makes me despair, for I cannot make you see what I am seeing!” ~ Isabella Bird

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Arriving at One&Only Desaru Coast

Couple strolling in the garden at One&Only Desaru Coast
Woman relaxing at the pool in One&Only Desaru Coast

Leave with great memories, but always arrive in style, with a touch of sustainability. Our transfers from Senai International Airport, Kuala Lumpur International Airport or any destination in Singapore are equipped with every creature-comfort.

History and Culture

Romantically coined as The Golden Chersonese by the ancient Romans.

Desaru sits on the east coast in the state of Johor, part of the Malay Peninsula. About 10,000 years ago, the Orang Asli (comparable to Malay Aboriginals) left from southwest China to the peninsula we now call West-Malaysia.

Until 1405 the following superpowers reigned over the peninsula; the Funan (Cambodia), the Srivijaya (Sumatra) and the Majapahit (Java). Several decades later, the emergence of Islam spread throughout the Malay Archipelago with the arrival of Arabic traders.

When the Portuguese Empire fell, remnants of the Malaccan royal family moved into Johor and established the new sultanate - the Johor Empire. Johor became the epicentre for the spice trade and the state prospered.

The old Johorian Empire fell into a political tension between and Dutch and British, who fought to proclaim their presence within the state. A treaty signed in 1824 gave birth to the modern Johor.

The Johor Sultanate continues to exist as a member of the Conference of Rulers following Malaysia’s independence from British Colonial rule in 1957.

Aerial View of the Beach at One&Only Desaru Coast


Spa at One&Only Desaru Coast

One&Only Spa

Take your physical and spiritual development to a higher level in this hideaway simply made for wellness. Our indulgent destination spa presents holistic practices inspired by local traditions fused with cutting-edge modern therapies, treatments and beauty.

Beach View at One&Only Desaru Coast


With more than a kilometre of idyllic white sands and inviting waters, experience endless fun with exclusive seclusion.

Beach View at One&Only Desaru Coast

Water Play

Be enthralled by a whole range of water-based activities available at One&Only Desaru Coast.

Kids Playing at the Beach at One&Only Le Saint Géran


Located in Club One, our groundbreaking KidsOnly and One Tribe recreational centres welcome 3 to 17 year olds with tailored activities from art classes and sporting adventures to movie nights and exclusive barbecues.

Andara Restaurant at One&Only Desaru Coast


Executive Chef David Dahlhaus sets the gastronomic experience with four ultra-stylish restaurants and bars, from gourmet to ‘feet in sand’ atmosphere. Discover the vibrant flavours of Malaysia at Essential, contemporary Japanese produce at Hoshi, tropical-inspired delicacies at Dusky Monkey, and refined Mediterranean cooking at Ambara.

Tennis at One&Only Le Saint Géran


Get your adrenaline pumping with a game at our tennis courts, an afternoon exploring the exotic mangroves and an evening meditation under the stars.

Useful Details

Everything you need to know before you travel to One&Only Desaru Coast.

Visa Requirements

All visitors to Desaru Coast, Malaysia must present a passport valid for six months from date of travel. Visa requirements for entering Malaysia vary from country to country. For more up-to-date information on visa requirements, please click here.


Desaru Coast sees plenty of sunshine even during the rainy season, with temperatures averaging 32°C / 89°F. Monsoon winds usually blow in between November and February, with the hottest months from June to August.


USB sockets are located on the desk and near the bed. Malaysia uses the standard UK 3-pronged plug. Voltage is 220 - 240 volts AC at 50 cycles per second. Universal socket.


The official language of Malaysia is Bahasa Melayu or Malay, with Mandarin Chinese being spoken by the local ethnic Chinese. English is also spoken widely.


Complimentary WiFi is available in the entire resort, from public areas and restaurants to the intimacy of your suite.

Time Zone

Malaysia standard time is eight hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+8).


The local unit of currency is the Malaysian Ringgit.

Check-in and Check-out

Check-in is at 3.00pm and check-out at 12:00pm.

Wheelchair Accessibility

The resort is wheelchair friendly.

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