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One&Only Cape Town - Guest Speaker Series

Looking to inspire more minds and motivate more people

Only&Only Cape Town is proud to announce the 2017 line-up for our popular guest speaker series. The eclectic mix of speakers are all fascinating in their own right and hail from all over South Africa with different types of backgrounds. They all have one thing in common though – they make history wherever they go.

The guest speaker talks unfold in the magnificent ballroom where guests are entertained and stirred by a talk from the man or woman of the moment. After this inspiring food for thought, guests can enjoy a delectable buffet dinner at Reuben’s, the resort’s elegant dining venue, where they can have an informal chat with the speaker. The cost per person including dinner (excluding beverages) is R350 per person per talk.

There is a different speaker every month and each one has a unique story to tell. Highlights for this year include a talk by Colin Bell who has dedicated his life to shedding light on how we can prevent the extinction of elephants and rhinos, enthralling storyteller Rob Caskie, the ‘Sharkman’ Mike Rutzen and more. These talks promise to leave guests feeling motivated, inspired and moved.

R350 per person per talk including dinner

To book your seat at a guest speaker series talk, please call Restaurant Reservations on
+27 21 431 4511 or email

2017 One&Only Guest Speaker Series Calendar

One&Only Cape Town - Guest Speaker Series - Rob Caskie

Rob Caskie - 'Storytelling about the tumultuous past 250 years in this Country' - Come along for a romp through our History - 22 June 2017

Stories of human trials and triumphs never go out of vogue and mesmerising storyteller extraordinaire Rob Caskie, with his walking stick and trademark shorts, brings them alive like no other.

In a world of instant gratification, the art of a powerfully told story belongs to few and relies on he who stirs the imagination. Rob, shares stories that have unfolded in South Africa and uses the narrative to pass on accumulated wisdom, beliefs and values.

He believes that stories are the building blocks of knowledge and the foundation of memory which connect us with our humanness and link our past, present and future. His storytelling will help us learn to anticipate the possible consequences of our actions.

One&Only Cape Town - Guest Speaker Series - Ryan Stramrood

Ryan Stramrood - Push Past Impossible - 20 July 2017

Many of us believe that the human body is only capable of being pushed so far, it can only do so much. For Ryan Stramrood, these thoughts never cross his mind. Being an Extreme Open Water and Ice Swimming pro, Ryan is a master at willing his body to do the unthinkable and the unimaginable. His talks highlight how nothing is impossible and how breaking out of our comfort zones will almost always yield amazing results.

A dip into Ryan Stramrood’s swimming CV is impressive, and cold. He has completed over 68 Robben Island-to-mainland crossings and swam solo across the English Channel. With a team of South Africans, he swam the first official “Ice Mile” in -1°C water in Antarctica and completed the world’s first swim around the southernmost tip of South America. This born-and-bred Capetonian is a gifted speaker whose telling of a personal journey of challenge and discovery is deeply inspiring.

One&Only Cape Town - Guest Speaker Series - Jamie Marais

Jamie Marais - Facing your Giants - 24 August 2017

Sheer will and determination can get you far - sixteen thousand vertical meters to be exact and twice the height of Everest to be exact. In his journey to spread the word about the amazing work by the Sabrina Love Foundation, Jamie Marais aims to do what many would believe to be impossible. He is embarking on four extreme solo challenges of which one was summiting Table Mountain 22 times. Jamie’s talk will inspire you and leave you feeling as though no giant is too big to face.

One&Only Cape Town - Guest Speaker Series - Colin Bell

Colin Bell - Surviving Extinction in the Wild – Rhinos & Elephants: The Past, Present and Future - 21 September 2017

You will be hard pressed to find many people more passionate about the lives and safety of the world’s elephants and rhinos. Colin Bell has dedicated his life to shedding light on how we can prevent the extinction of these magnificent animals. Having travelled all across the world witnessing the power and grandeur of Mother Nature and life outside of our comfort zones, Colin is eager to share his stories with you.

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