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Luvo Ntezo, Head Sommelier at One&Only Cape Town

Sommelier Luvo Ntezo - One&Only Cape Town
Luvo Ntezo, Head Sommelier at One&Only Cape Town

“To me, wine is more than a mere liquid – each bottle contains a unique story
that I can unlock and share with our guests”

Luvo Ntezo Pouring Wine - One&Only Cape Town
Interview with Luvo Ntezo - One&Only Cape Town
Wine Selection With Luvo Ntezo - One&Only Cape Town

Internationally recognised as the Best Young Sommelier in South Africa, South African born Luvo Ntezo has been serving wine at the ultra-luxurious One&Only Cape Town since 2011. Luvo has won awards such as Best Young Sommelier in the national Chaîne des Rôtisseurs competition (2008) and placed an impressive fourth in the world at the international Chaîne des Rôtisseurs competition in Vienna (2008). Despite the slew of awards that have come his way over the past few years, Luvo Ntezo is a humble man, clearly passionate for the wine world that he so comfortably now inhabits.

With more than a decade of experience, One&Only Cape Town’s Head Sommelier Luvo Ntezo is exceptionally passionate about wines. For Luvo, wine is not only about taste, colour and texture. It must also tell a story, one that he personally delivers to every guest. Cape Town is surrounded by many of the country's most significant wine-making regions offering wine connoisseurs the opportunity to explore little-known varieties whilst meeting some of the world’s finest wine makers.

Under the personal care and attention of Luvo Ntezo, One&Only Cape Town guests can engage in exceptional food and wine pairing experiences and the opportunity to savour some of the rare and distinctive wine collections found in the resort’s extraordinary Wine Loft.

Showcasing one of the country’s most esteemed native wine assemblies, the Wine Loft comprises a dazzling tri-level wall of glass and steel, housing more than 5,000 bottles of exceptional wine – each one, in Luvo’s words, telling its own unique story encompassing its individual characteristics.

Luvo spends much of his time exploring lesser-known wines, personally selecting new additions from some of the most talented winemakers in the Cape. All are handpicked discoveries adding another level of personal service to guests’ wine-tasting experience in the resort.

Dedicated to sharing his passion and expertise with guests, Luvo has also curated the wine pairings and chosen the winemakers for guests to meet at the seminal ‘Chef & the Vine’ dinner nights at One&Only Cape Town – an experience not to be missed.

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