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One&Only Kéa Island, Greece
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Shimmering in the depths of the azure Aegean Sea, is a story-filled island of myths and marvels. Hidden coves, olive groves, ancient trails, lush forests, and a remarkable civilisation with secrets to share. And here, in a secluded bay laced with pristine golden sands, One&Only Keá Island will emerge to honour untold beauty and might. With authentic design, celebrated cuisine, epic adventures, and renowned One&Only flair, she is coming to write a legend of her own.

Situated in a stunning 65-hectare beachfront site on the west side of the enchanting Kea island of the Cyclades, One&Only Kéa Island is currently under development and will be home to a captivating beach resort and an enviable collection of private homes to call your own.

We look forward in time to welcoming you to a place where time stops and life begins.

To find out more please email info@oneandonlyresorts.com or visit our Contact Page.

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