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One&Only Le Saint Geran

Le Saint Geran Prime Restaurant

Western Australian wagyu beef loin, served with sand grown farm vegetables and truffle sauce

 Le Saint Geran Wagyu Beef Recipe


Marinate the beef loin with salt, pepper, thyme and olive oil and keep aside. Wash and clean all the vegetables. Cut the carrot, squash, turnip, asparagus in small size to be used for garnish on the beef. Make thin slices of carrot and zucchini blanch in salted water for 3 minutes and cool in ice water and reserve. Cook the long macaroni for 10 minutes in boiling water, add a pinch of salt and olive oil, strain and put into cold running water to cool and reserve.

Diced vegetables 
Cut the onion, celeriac, potato, leek, taro, zucchini into brunoise. Heat a pan on a low heat add olive oil, thyme, onion and cook for three minutes, then add the rest of the diced vegetables, add 50g of butter, 40ml of veal jus and some truffle season with salt & pepper. Steer and leave to cook for 20 minutes and check the seasoning. 

Heat Truffle sauce 
Heat a small pot, add some butter add some chopped onion and truffle, simmer for five minutes and deglaze with the Merlot wine, reduce until one third of the quantity and add the veal jus. Simmer for fifteen minutes and check seasoning, finish with butter and add some thyme at the end to flavor the sauce.

Wagyu beef loin 
Grill the beef loin on a charcoal grill on both sides for five minutes and rest for ten minutes. 

Small vegetables for topping
Sauté the small mini vegetables with butter and thyme and add a pinch of truffle to flavor the vegetables and keep aside. 

Long macaroni
Sauté the long macaroni with butter and add the parmesan cheese at the end. 

Diced vegetables 
In a mold insert two layers of sliced carrots and zucchini giving a round shapes and fill with diced vegetables. 

Spread the red wine reduction on the middle of the plate, cut the beef into four small square sizes, and dispose on it, then dispose the mini vegetables on top and add the long macaroni and the diced vegetables, finish with the truffle sauce. 


Wagyu beef loin 200g 
truffle 5g
asparagus 30g
baby squash 30g 
turnip 30g
carrot 30g
leek 30g
baby onion 30g 
celeriac 40g
potato 30g
taro 20g
thyme 5g
eggplant 30g
long macaroni 15g  
parmesan cheese 5g 
zucchini 100g
olive oil 20ml
red wine reduction 100ml
salt 5g
black pepper 3g 
butter unsalted 50g
veal jus 150ml
Merlot wine 100ml

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