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Mauritius Mountain Top Sunset - One&Only Le Saint Geran

Discover the Secrets of Mauritius at One&Only Le Saint Géran

Mauritius Mountain Top Sunset - One&Only Le Saint Geran

Natural Beauty like Nowhere on Earth

Discover landscapes you thought were only found in storybooks, where Jurassic mountains and tropical forests meet with waterfalls and the vast Indian Ocean. At One&Only Le Saint Géran, we design awe-inspiring outdoor pursuits, revealing the incredible hidden wonders of lush eco-systems and rural communities. It's a side of Mauritius you never knew existed.

Mauritius Hindu Festival - One&Only Le Saint Geran

Immerse Yourself in Beautiful Diversity

With an exotic mix of Indian, African, British, French, and Chinese cultural influences, Mauritius is a multi-ethnic, multi-religious, and multi-lingual country, with a rich and unique heritage to discover. With so much to take in, One&Only Le Saint Géran can expertly curate the hidden treasures of this fascinating destination.

Coral Reef Fish - One&Only Le Saint Geran

A World of Enchanting Wildlife

Surrounded by one of the planet's largest protected coral reefs; blanketed in lush, fertile eco-systems, the island is blessed with some of the world's most amazing flora and fauna, including the Pink Pigeon, Mauritius Kestrel, Echo Parakeet and the Aldabra Tortoise. At One&Only Le Saint Géran, we bring you closer to these natural wonders, designing awe-inspiring encounters with our colourful wild neighbours.

Golf in Mauritius - One&Only Le Saint Geran

Tee Off on World-Class Golf Courses

Did you know that Mauritius was the third country in the world where golf was played, after the United Kingdom and India?The island was recently named ‘Golf Destination of the Year' within Africa, Indian Ocean and the Gulf States, boasting over ten golf courses, some of which are now included in the European Tour Championship.

Mauritius Lagoon - One&Only Le Saint Geran

Take to the Water

Mauritius benefits from a beautiful lagoon that encircles the majority of the island. The calm, crystalline waters are naturally protected, making them ideal for swimming, snorkelling and diving. And there, just beneath the blue, you’ll discover a kingdom of exotic marine life, mesmerising in colour, diversity, and abundance.

Hiking in Mauritius - One&Only Le Saint Geran

Challenge your Sense of Adventure

Our finger is always on the pulse, we have partnered with experts and the most exciting local brands to create bespoke experiences that ensure guests’ stay with us will be full of adventure as they explore and discover the new and unknown. Whether you want to jump out of airplanes, climb mountain ranges or quad bike through sugar cane fields, the action is never far from your door.

Club One Paddle Board - One&Only Le Saint Geran

Come when you feel like it

Mauritius is a year round destination where even the winter months average 25c.

Mauritius Island - One&Only Le Saint Geran

Visit Remote Islands

Surrounded by fascinating remote islands, Mauritius is the perfect place for those who love to explore. From craggy rock outcrops like Coin de Mire and the sandy atoll of Ile au Plat, to the archipelago of St Brandon and remote Rodrigues, there is a whole world of water adventure to be discovered.

Mauritius Mountain Top - One&Only Le Saint Geran

Trust in the Growing Economy

Mauritius has experienced three decades of sustained economic growth and is consistently voted best country in Africa to do business.

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