To pack your breakfast with natural miracles that can help us maintain a good health and energy level, our chefs have revealed #MyOOsuperfoods: a set of superfood combinations that are calorie sparse and nutrient dense – meaning they pack a lot of punch for their weight as far as goodness goes.

‘Healthy eating’ or ‘healthy lifestyle’ is a worldwide trend and common interest among many people around the globe. When you think of healthy eating you would probably imagine a shopping trolley full of expensive seeds, vegetables and rare tropical fruits. Healthy lifestyle? This probably would relate you to daily exercise and managing stress. However for our chefs, healthy lifestyle also means not skipping breakfast, the most important meal of your day. Apart from providing us with energy, research shows that any essential nutrients missed at breakfast are less likely to be compensated for later during the day. It is for the reason, that our chefs have created this special super food breakfast menu.

Superfoods are a special category of foods found in nature. They are superior sources of antioxidants and essential nutrients: nutrients we need, but cannot make ourselves. Unlike most healthy foods, which normally contain two or three particular nutritional properties, superfoods often have 12 or more.

Using key ingredients such as beetroot leaves, avocado, kale, spirulina, black and white quiona, chia seeds, flaxseeds, kaniwa, macca, 0% fat Greek yoghurt and Madagascar honey, each #MyOOsuperfood combination has its own benefits and they all provide energy and promote a sense of wellbeing. Some of these ingredients may be rare and difficult to source at home, but most of them can easily be found.

We encourage you to try our superfood combinations and enjoy their natural benefits.

Available daily at Reethi Restaurant during breakfast from 7am to 11am
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