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One&Only Spa introduced the Wellness Visiting Practitioner programme to provide our guests with an opportunity to be acquainted and treated to specialized fields of the industry.

These practitioners are industry leaders coming from all over the world, specialising in acupuncture, pilates, traditional herbal medicine and personal healing. Our visiting practitioner programme has become in demand amongst our guests and in fact, many of them are returning to the resort for certain practitioners’ therapeutic experiences.

Francesc Miralles

Harmonia by Francesc Miralles

8–24 April 2019

Back for his eleventh visit, physiotherapist and experienced practitioner on Traditional Chinese Medicine, Francesc Miralles will be combining Eastern and Western philosophies into personalised programs or experiences, including physiotherapy/osteopathy, acupuncture, fluid drainage, body sculpturing, craniosacral therapy and energy balance treatments. Francesc’s bespoke programme, called Harmonia, personalises the techniques mention above into postural improvement, body pain, weight control, natural beauty and deep-relaxation programmes.

Alison Francis | One&Only Reethi Rah
Alison Francis

A Sleep Journey with ‘Anandi’ – Alison Francis

22 April – 5 May 2019

Alison Francis, also known as Anandi has been in the beauty and wellness field for 30 years. She’s an Ayurvedic practitioner, senior Akhanda yoga teacher, Akhanda yoga teacher trainer, and founder of The Sleep Guru. She’s also a certified Chopra meditation teacher. Alison was given her spiritual name ‘Anandi’ by her guru in India in 2007. Alison works with those who are struggling with just about everything and in particular sleep. She knows personally what it’s like to suffer from insomnia night after night, month after month, year after year. She understands how lack of sleep ruins your creativity, affects your relationships and has serious effects on your health. She also knows that you look and feel awful when you don’t sleep well. She’s the author of ‘Breathe Better Sleep Better’ which explains how to use the breath as a healing tool, not just for sleep, but for wellbeing as a whole.

Toru Ogasawara | One&Only Reethi Rah
Toru Ogasawara

The Ultimate Watsu Experience with Toru Ogasawara

13–31 May 2019

Join world-renowned therapeutic water therapist, Toru Ogasawara for the Ultimate Watsu (water shiatsu) experience in the award winning One&Only Reethi Rah Spa Watsu pool – unique and the first in the Maldives. Toru is an internationally renowned body work Watsu, aquatic bodywork, breathing exercise and meditation trainer. He is the Founder and President of Okinawa Watsu Centre in Japan.

Palma Michel | One&Only Reethi Rah
Palma Michel

Mindfulness Journey by Palma Michel

15 May – 5 June 2019

Palma Michel is a mindful leadership advisor, executive coach, mindfulness and meditation teacher, author and public speaker. She the Co-Founder of Profuse29 ( which introduces mindful leadership to organisations and individuals. Her first book The Authority Guide To Mindful Leadership was published in April 2017. In addition to that She was trained as a Reiki and Sound Medicine Practitioner. She offers meditation and mindfulness as a way to hack your neurobiology and increase self-awareness, which is the first step to self-mastery. Her aim is to empower her clients to live with more presence, inner peace, gratitude and love for life.


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