The history of Wolgan Valley and the Greater Blue Mountains

Outdoor Activity Colonial Heritage Tour - One&Only Wolgan Valley, Australia
Colonial Heritage Tour


Departing from the 1832 Heritage Homestead and Kitchen Garden, Field Guides explore this fascinating historic precinct development.

Outdoor Activity Colonial Heritage Tour - One&Only Wolgan Valley, Australia

Colonial Heritage Tour

Departing from the 1832 Heritage Homestead and Kitchen Garden, Field Guides will walk guests through this fascinating historic precinct, explaining the process of meticulous restoration necessary to bring the original homestead back to its former glory. Guests will enjoy stories of a past life carved out of the wilderness and capture a glimpse into the trying conditions that early Australian settlers faced. Guides will also reveal some insights into the innovative building practices developed by pioneer settlers to adapt to such a rugged environment.

The tour will also visit the see the fully-functioning heritage kitchen garden, which has been re-established to supply fresh vegetables, fruit, nuts and herbs to the resort’s kitchens.

Aboriginal Culture - Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley, Australia

Private Guided Tour of Newnes Industrial Ruins

Step back in time with a guided walking tour of the historic Newnes Industrial Ruins. This fascinating tour explores a period when heavy industry reigned supreme and many speculators sought their fortune in ‘black gold’ and shale oil.

Operating from 1906 to 1932, the Newnes Shale Oil Refinery was an ambitious undertaking for its time, due to the isolated location of Wolgan Valley and its considerable distance from essential coastal ports. The refinery was one of the largest shale oil production schemes in Australia and comprised of mining, processing, distillation and associated manufacturing industries such as coking coal, bricks, and paraffin wax. During the period of peak production it is estimated up to 2000 people resided in the remote mining village of Newnes.

The tour will explore the historic ruins of the former Newnes shale oil refinery, the refinery coal mine, the iconic beehive-shaped coking coal kilns, Newnes railway station, and the remnants of ghost township of Newnes. Your guide will reveal the stories and features of this historically significant landscape located on the edge of the Wollemi Wilderness Area and one of New South Wales most wild and scenic river systems.

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Duration: 2.5 hours
Scheduled: On Request
Grade: Easy
Category: Private Tour


Duration: 1 hour
Scheduled: Afternoons (Monday to Sunday)
Grade: Easy
Category: Scheduled Activity

The Newnes Industrial Ruins tour requires a moderate level of fitness and mobility, including the fording of Wolgan River using stepping stones, and some steep and uneven sections of track. Sturdy walking shoes are recommended, along with comfortable outdoor clothing appropriate to the season. Sun protection is also recommended.

Tours are conducted all year round subject to weather conditions.


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