Scallop & Scampi Tartare

Serves 5

Scallop & Scampi Tartare Recipe - Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley
Scallop & Scampi Tartare

Scallop & Scampi Tartare

Scallop & Scampi Tartare Recipe - Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley


  1. First prepare the scampi by cleaning, de-shelling and removing dirt. Lay between some film wrap and tap out to ½cm flat. Place in a freezer. When frozen, cut five rounds using a 5cm cutter, keeping the scampi frozen.
  2. Dice the scallops into 1cm cubes, season with salt flakes, finely-grated fresh lemon zest, a pinch of dill and a splash of olive oil. Check the seasoning and then keep this mixture chilled over ice.
  3. Now peel and seed a cucumber, and dice into ½cm cubes, making about 30 pieces. Lightly sprinkle with salt.
  4. Using a cutter approx 5cm in diameter, place 50g of scallop mix into the cutter. Then take the scampi rounds and place on top of the scallop mix. Brush gently with olive oil and a small amount of lemon. This will come to room temperature quickly.
  5. To finish, place the cucumber around the edge of the scampi, alternating with caviar, sea urchin, chervil, dill and edible flowers – in this photo we have used lemon verbena flowers and viola from our garden. Lastly, position the tuile in the centre.
  6. Squid ink tuile (make in advance):
    - 10g plain flour
    - 5g squid ink
    - 80g water
    - 20g vegetable oil
  7. Mix all ingredients together, and leave to sit for 10 mins. Place the mixture into a squeezy bottle.
  8. Heat a non-stick pan and squeeze a tablespoon of the mixture into it. Cook tuile until it is crisp and resembles a lattice.

5 scampi tails
250g scallops
Salt flakes
Zest & juice of a lemon
Pinch of dill
10ml Gibson’s Grove olive oil
Oscietra caviar
Sea urchin
Edible garden flowers
Squid ink tuile