Descubra el bienestar a pleno lujo con retiros concentrados en la salud que incluyen sesiones diarias de yoga, comidas nutritivas y tratamientos de spa personalizados.

Wanderwell Retreat - One&Only Palmilla


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Cait Fraser

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Cait Fraser es fundadora de Wild Wellness Travel y cofundadora de Wanderwell, y tiene más de 15 años de experiencia en las industrias de viajes de lujo y de bienestar. Es consultora en salud con certificación de The Institute of Integrative Nutrition y asesora a varios ejecutivos, celebridades, personajes públicos y corporaciones de todo el mundo sobre cómo lograr sus objetivos de bienestar. Su misión junto a Wanderwell es combinar viajes exquisitos con experiencias de bienestar transformadoras para organizar viajes únicos realmente inspiradores para los participantes. Todos los retiros organizados por Cait incluyen una mezcla de compromiso con la cultural, ejercicio, reducción del estrés, educación culinaria y conexión espiritual dado que estos elementos tienen un efecto perdurable en nuestras vidas. Es también la exclusiva lista de Cait de hoteles de lujo, propiedades privadas y una sólida red de instructores líderes en el mundo que la han convertido en una experta internacional y anfitriona de retiros.

Vitina Blumenthal

Your Hosts


Vitina Blumenthal, founder of WanderfulSoul & Co-founder of Wanderwell, is a certified Yoga Instructor who after a successful career in the music industry began a journey of discovery in an Ashram in India. She has since dedicated the last six years travelling throughout India, South East Asia and Central America teaching and leading wellness retreats and is known for helping others incorporate Eastern mindfulness traditions and healing practices into our modern Western lifestyle.  She has learned from renowned thought leaders in the wellness space and more formally studied Mindfulness at the University of Toronto. It's her lifework to infuse practical mindfulness tools into everyday life to guide people to live aligned to their purpose. Her passion remains firmly focused on the intersection between wellness and creating unforgettable, transformational experiences.


January 12-14, 2018

January 26-28, 2018

Initiate the New Year with a gift of well-being. Whether your resolution is to get fit, eat better, stress less, be more present, we invite you to join us for a New Year, New You Retreat in January 2018 curated to help guide you. These events will rejuvenate, inspire and lead you to a place of transformation. The program is designed for you to reconnect with yourself. You will learn practical tools to enhance your well-being, live more presently and fully while you travel and in your everyday life. The experience is infused with movement, meditation, workshops, and nourishment for the mind, body and soul.

Wanderwell specializes in curating once-in-a-lifetime experiences that leave you transformed forever. Our collection of wellness journeys, pop-up events and retreats are beyond a spa and fitness regimen. These exclusive experiences incorporate 5-star luxury, mindfulness workshops, yoga and fitness, meditation, culture and delicious clean eats.

The events at One&Only Palmilla blend the natural vibrancy, culture and spiritual traditions of Mexico with the art of mindful living. We promote a skillful blend of cooperative workshops and ample quiet time for personal contemplation, alongside the opportunity to indulge in delicious and nutritious cuisine with the Five Star flair of our award-winning chef. During this 3-day retreat, you will nourish your body and mind, learn vital tools to reduce your stress levels, develop cultural involvement at home and abroad, and understand the benefits of connecting with your soul in times of need.

Enjoy living mindfully with the perfect backdrop of One&Only Palmilla. Indulge in room upgrades, including unique wellness amenities, customized spa experiences and delicious nutritional menus.


  • - 2 nights stay (single/double occupancy)
  • - Round Trip Transfers
  • - Daily Yoga & Meditation
  • - Mindful Living Workshop
  • - 60-minute Massage
  • - Daily Smoothie
  • - Daily Breakfast
  • - Daily Dinners
  • - Wellness Gifts & Amenities

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