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Paradise isn't just a place.
It's a feeling.

About One&Only

From the heart of iconic cities to unspoilt corners of the wilderness there are sanctuaries of wonder where time simply stops. Where awe-inspiring experiences are curated just for you, enjoyed in ultimate seclusion with the ones you love most. Because these are the moments that make us feel alive.
And they happen only here.

A new partnership in wellness:
One&Only and Chenot

Prepare for a brand-new era in wellness as we proudly welcome Chenot to the One&Only family. With almost 50 years of pioneering research, Chenot are the world’s leading experts in medical spa and holistic treatments, bringing a 360-degree, science-based approach to wellbeing that can be intuitively woven throughout your stay.

From nutrition and stress-relief to fitness, targeted spa treatments, and cosmetic beautification, every element works in synergy and is perfectly personalised to you, so you feel cleansed, rejuvenated, and truly reinvigorated.

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One & Only Royal Mirage

One&Only Royal Mirage

Gleaming in the vibrant heart of New Dubai, enveloped in a kilometre of private beach and luxuriant gardens, One&Only Royal Mirage is a sanctuary of old-world splendour where indulgence and relaxation gloriously combine. Exquisite international dining experiences; a legendary Hammam with ancient healing; and three distinct residences where couples and families can find their very own slice of heaven.




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