King's Palace at One&Only Nyungwe House

Our conservation philosophy

A heartfelt mission for Rwanda and beyond


Supporting our communities

One&Only Nyungwe House both supports and initiates a number of conservation efforts in our resort’s unique jungle location, safeguarding it for future generations. During your stay, you can contribute to our conservation efforts, both on and off resort. We also offer numerous opportunities whereby you can help our communities to flourish, supporting local artisans and producers. Visit the nearby Banda Village and invest in charming handmade objects; not only will you be purchasing a unique, meaningful memento, you’ll also be funding charitable initiatives.

Discover Umuganda

Arrival Ceremony at One&Only Nyungwe House
Swamp View at One&Only Nyungwe House

Together, we achieve

Translating to ‘coming together in common purpose to achieve an outcome’, Umuganda is a traditional Rwandan practise undertaken on the last Saturday of each month. We invite you to join us on these initiatives which range from planting new trees, to helping to build schools. A sign of unity, Umuganda has inspired community-driven development in the regions connected to Nyungwe National Park

King's Palace at One&Only Nyungwe House

Sustainable dining

Our organic, garden-to-plate menu is designed with sustainability at its heart and from environmentally-friendly sources, with a range of ingredients grown in our very own Chef’s Garden. Discover first-hand where the inspiration for every dish begins as one of our senior chefs guides you through our kitchen’s dedicated garden with native produce that makes up some of our pantry staples. Favouring organic, seasonal ingredients from the fertile lands of Gisakura and surroundings, this is soul food at its most wholesome.

Chef's Garden at One&Only Nyungwe House
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Tea Pickers at One&Only Nyungwe House

Discover Our Tea Plantation

Tour our lush tea planation estate, sown into the rich volcanic soil that surrounds our jungle resort. Take part in an elegant African tea ceremony to discover the taste of Nyungwe tea, or experience private dining with one-of-a-kind gourmet experience in our tea plantation

Couple in the Forest Next to a Waterfall at One&Only Nyungwe House

Explore the Jungle

Adventure in the depths of Rwanda’s wild Nyungwe National Park. How about a jungle trek with views into neighbouring Burundi, or a canopy walk across the only treetop walkway in East Africa? Here, guided tours are carefully curated, just for you. 

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