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The most indulgent menu of pampering therapies ranges from traditional massage to individualised curated spa journeys.

Relaxation room - One&Only Cape Town, South Africa, South Africa

Massage Therapies

At the hands of expert ESPA therapists, tensions are released and inner harmony is restored.

Spa Offerings - One&Only Cape Town, South Africa, South Africa

Signature Treatments

Exclusive to One&Only Cape Town, specialised spa experiences are inspired by local traditions and modern techniques.

Spa Offerings - One&Only Cape Town, South Africa, South Africa

Spa Journeys

Whether therapeutic or pampering, your spa experience is easily customised with a full or half-day programme tailored to your every whim and wish.

  • One&Only Body Massage

    This sophisticated Swedish style massage uses regulated pressure combined with long, strong movements to effectively ease tired aching back and limbs, excellent for releasing knots and tensions in the body. Your therapist can recommend the option most suited to your specific needs.

    Duration: 50 mins
    Unwind Massage

    Using either ESPA Soothing or Restorative Oil to help you unwind and relax.

    Duration: 50 or 80 mins
    Restore Massage

    Using either ESPA Detoxifying or Resistance Oil to help you cleanse, detoxify and restore.

    Duration: 50 or 80 mins
    Elevate Massage

    Using either ESPA Energising or Fitness Oil to revitalise mind and body.

    Duration: 50 or 80 mins

    Complimentary access to the Thermal Suite at One&Only Spa included.

  • These specialised spa experiences draw upon the rich and cultural heritage of the land and are exclusive to One&Only Spa Cape Town.

    Unwind Signature Experience

    The Unwind Experience is ideal if you feel jetlagged, dehydrated or stressed. The body is cleansed with a soothing and foaming exfoliation, followed by a deeply relaxing massage using long strokes and gentle rocking movements with warmed volcanic stones to soothe and release tension from tired, aching muscles. A scalp massage calms the mind, leaving you feeling completely rested.

    Duration: 120 mins
    Restore Signature Experience

    The Restore Experience is ideal for those who enjoy a warm, stimulating massage to cleanse and revitalise body and mind. After a full body salt and oil exfoliation, this rhythmic, restorative, total body massage uses warm herbal poultices to help increase circulation and relieve aches and pains, helping to promote a feeling of wellbeing.

    Duration: 120 mins
    Elevate Signature Experience

    The Elevate Experience is designed to relax and open the body’s natural energy flow. Commencing with a cleansing exfoliation of hands and feet, this full body treatment is influenced by Thai Massage and performed in the Chi Pavilion wearing comfortable clothing. It uses assisted stretching and compression movements with rhythmic pressures and gentle rocking to release muscle tightness, stress and tension. Finishing with a therapeutic head massage this experience will leave you feeling supple, energised and full of vitality.

    Duration: 120 mins
    Holistic Body Ritual

    A fusion of body treatments have been combined to provide a truly personalised Spa experience. Each Holistic Ritual begins with full body exfoliation before continuing with a total body wrap using warming Oshadi, detoxifying Algae or skin nourishing Marine Mud. A scalp massage and full body aromatherapy massage of your choice completes this all encompassing experience.

    Duration: 120 mins
    Your therapist will assist you in your choice of Holistic Ritual:
    • Unwind & Relax
    • Restore & Detox
    • Elevate & Invigorate

    Complimentary access to the Thermal Suite at One&Only Spa included.

  • Philosophy

    Unwind, Restore and Elevate. These are the cornerstones of One&Only Spa, three distinct pillars around which all spa therapies and treatments are created. Each features its own specialised set of holistic programs designed to guide guests in choosing the experiences best suited to their particular needs…from pure relaxation to unique wellness journeys.


    In this fast-paced world, it is often difficult to slow down and let our mind, body and soul unwind and relax. The Unwind Collection of Treatments are relaxing, calming and soothing. Helping bring peace to the mind, reduce muscular tension, comfort and cool the skin.


    During times of stress, lifestyles can become unhealthy and our bodies may feel sluggish and in need of detoxification. Restore Treatments are tailored to help stimulate the circulation and the lymphatic system, and assist in improving the look and feel of your skin.


    Everyday stress can often lower your energy levels, leaving you feeling emotionally drained with a sense of exhaustion. The Elevate Treatments are targeted towards creating a balanced state of wellbeing, helping restore energy levels while promoting a feeling of inner calm.

    Complimentary access to the Thermal Suite at One&Only Spa included.

  • Full Day

    Enjoy a full day of spa treatments, including full access to our thermal suites with sauna, steam room, vitality pool and ice fountain, our One&Only Spa lounge and relaxation area, Fitness Centre and a delicious spa cuisine lunch. You are encouraged to arrive 60 minutes prior to your treatment start time so that you may relax andenjoy our facilities.

    Half Day

    Enjoy a half-day of spa treatments, including full access to our vitality pools with sauna, steam room, vitality pool and ice fountain, our One&Only Spa lounge and relaxation area. You are encouraged to arrive 60 minutes prior to your treatment start time so that you may relax and enjoy the facilities.

    Gift Certificates

    Beautifully presented and perfect for any occasion, One&Only Spa Certificates make the ideal gift. Available for a specific treatment, package or spa product, or simply for a monetary value, our certificates are sure to delight. Certificates can be delivered by courier directly to the recipient with a personalized note from you.


    Select from a range of exclusive ESPA Gift Collections, featuring luxury bath, body, candle and skincare products. Alternatively, let our spa experts tailor a gift to meet your needs.

  • Teen Face and Back Treatment

    The perfect One&Only Spa escape for teenage guests. This treatment combines a gentle back exfoliation and application of nourishing oil to smooth and condition skin followed by a balancing facial and relaxing scalp massage.

    Body Smooth and Shine

    A delicate ginger, lime and clove skin smoothing body polish prepares the skin for an application of calming ESPA lavender and aloe balm, leaving skin hydrated and cool.

    Youthful Balance Facial

    With gentle cleansing, delicate oils and acupressure massage techniques, this facial treatment helps to calm, regulate and balance teenage skin - resulting in a fresh, clear complexion.

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We encourage you to arrive one hour prior to your treatment time to enable you to enjoy the full use of the exclusive One&Only Spa facilities. Please be advised that a late arrival will result in a reduction of your treatment time.

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