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The most indulgent menu of pampering therapies ranges from traditional massage to individualised curated spa journeys.

Biologique Recherche Treatments

We are proud to announce the arrival of Biologique Recherche treatments at One&Only Spa. Founded over 40 years ago, by clinical Doctor Philippe Allouche, the Biologique Recherche Methodology is based on forty years of experience using innovative products and meticulous protocols. The products are formulated with high concentrations of active ingredients derived from natural or biotechnological compounds and are fragrance-free. Skin care is provided following a personal dermo-cosmetic diagnosis (suitable for both men and women) using a Skin Instant© analysis for each individual.


Skin Instant Lab 20 Minutes | R395 PER PERSON

The first step of Biologique Recherche’s Methodology, this unique analysis allows us to identify your Skin Instant©.

Modular Booster Re-modelling Face 30 Minutes | R695 PER PERSON

A state-of-the-art bio-electro stimulation that combines the power of three currents (galvanic current, medium and high frequencies) for immediate, long-lasting results.

Biologique Recherche Facial Treatments 60 Minutes R2195 PER PERSON | 90 Minutes R2795 PER PERSON
(Select any of the following treatments)

Soin Restructurant et Lissant
A reconditioning treatment for the epidermis with an immediate replumping effect designed for all Skin Instants©. It has a draining action on your skin, leaving your face, neck and chest smooth and toned.

Soin MC 110
A treatment for reducing wrinkles and lines designed for lackluster Skin Instants©. It leaves the skin on your face, neck and chest toned and redefined. We recommend three sessions at one-week intervals, followed by one session every three months.

Soin Lift C.V.S.
An exfoliating and lifting treatment combined with shaping techniques designed for mature Skin Instants©. It leaves the skin on your face, neck and chest smooth, refined and toned.

Soin Oxygénant VIP O2
A regenerating and revitalizing treatment for the epidermis that works on all Skin Instants©. It restores the natural balance of your skin, leaving your face, neck and chest smooth and glowing.

Soin Hydréclat
A hydrating and complexion-enhancing treatment that works on all Skin Instants©. It leaves the skin on your face, neck and chest glowing with a tighter texture.

Soin Seconde Peau 90 Minutes | R4795 PER PERSON

A world first in professional beauty products, this regenerating and lifting treatment is created using an electrospun mask with 80% pharmaceutical grade hyaluronic acid and is designed for mature Skin Instants© damaged by the signs of aging. We recommend three sessions at one-week intervals, followed by one session every three months.

Please contact or call +27 21 431 5810 to book your appointment.

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Only Here & Only Beauty

Only Here 

Designed with our One&Only guests at the heart, these treatments are unique to our beautiful surroundings and our experienced therapists.

Only Beauty

The new natural. A holistic, realistic and naturalistic approach to beauty and grooming. We care about the quality of ingredients and ensuring we deliver a beauty transformation that works holistically, but most importantly give the desired results.

Spa Offerings - One&Only Cape Town, South Africa, South Africa

Only Body

Elevate & optimize your body experience. Believing in the pure power of massage and how we can enhance its benefits. 

Spa Offerings Wellness - One&Only Palmilla, Los Cabos

Only Face

A true process of revitalization, through holistic well-versed practices and modern innovative techniques.

Spa Offerings - One&Only Palmilla, Los Cabos

Only For Him & Only Seclusion

Only For Him 

Handpicked to ensure our male guests enjoy the benefit of our expertise and can choose an experience that will offer the best physical and therapeutic results.

Only Seclusion

Take your exotic getaway to and even more exclusive and private place, experience a moment a complete seclusion and tranquillity with your loved one or alone. Complete serenity is provided with our specially chosen private escapes. Your dream of being hidden, secluded and removed from the busy world outside is exquisitely realized with our ultimate island escapes.

Nature to Nurture - One&Only Reethi Rah, Maldives

Only Nurture & Only For The New Generation

Only Nurture

A perfect time to soothe, calm and nurture the body and mind. These mother to be and new mothers’ treatments really do focus on the areas of tension commonly experienced and do it with the elegance and luxury that every new parent deserves. Treatments to be taken between the fourth and eighth month of pregnancy.

Only For The New Generation

Something special for spa savvy teens. A true spa experience designed specifically. For the young, up and coming One&Only guest. 12-16 years.

Spa Offerings - One&Only Cape Town, South Africa

Only Vitality

Created to address key concerns which attribute to our guests overall wellbeing. These vitality treatments, delivered cohesively with our guests needs, alleviate, soothe, clear and reenergize tired systems.

Spa Treatment - One&Only Le Saint Geran, Mauritius

Supercharged Spa

Enhance and optimise your treatment by incorporating one of our recommended additions.

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