Deep in the heart of this vast African rainforest, a million secrets to uncover, a million treasures to behold. And here, we’ve curated the most inspirational of them all for you to experience in the finest ways possible.

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Resort Experiences

You needn’t journey far from One&Only Nyungwe House to have an adventure, in fact they wait around every corner. Take to the skies, the hills, the plantation pathways, and discover the wonders alive within our own stunning grounds.

Aerial View of Villas - One&Only Nyungwe House
Nature's Bootcamp - One&Only Nyungwe House
Jungle View - One&Only Nyungwe House

Complimentary Activities


Work up a sweat in a gymnasium unlike any you’ve seen before - the great outdoors! Allow our motivating guide to lead you on a kinetic workout through the leafy tracks surrounding our tea plantation. The natural landscape is the only equipment you’ll need for this jungle-style boot camp in the fresh, mountain air.


We don’t just exist within Nyungwe’s environment, we exist alongside it, which means conservation is part of our daily routine. Come and explore the initiatives that operate within the Nyungwe National Park and also around the resort.


Our world-class menus must be tasted to be believed, and now you can discover first-hand where the inspiration for every dish begins. Revealing the secrets of seasonal cultivation and flavour, one of our senior chefs will personally guide you through our kitchen’s dedicated garden filled with unique native ingredients and a few culinary staples!


An iconic part of Africa’s history, the spear is a symbol of strength, but it’s also a lot of fun! On a hill top above our tea plantation, enjoy a refreshing cool drink as you learn how to make your own spear take flight and breathe in the fabulous fresh air views.


‘Umuganda’ has roots back to Rwanda’s independence, and is now a nationwide programme where citizens devote the last Saturday morning of every month to working in the local community. From developing infrastructure to environmental protection, you can elect to take part in this positive initiative, giving back to the communities of Nyungwe and getting to know the local people in a uniquely hands-on way.


What makes the perfect cup of tea? Some will say it’s all in the brew, but our tea expert will show you it starts right at the beginning, revealing the process of growing and processing African tea leaves with a fascinating visual presentation. No demonstration would be complete without a taste, so you will have the chance to sample some beautiful black tea grown in the local area of Gisakura.


There’s fun for all the family as you dabble in the ancient sport of archery. Located on a hilltop in our property’s tea plantation, prepare to take in the fabulous views as you enjoy a refreshing cold drink and set your sights on the bullseye – ready, aim, fire!


Saddle up and explore the beautiful surrounds of our property, with the breeze in your hair, at a pace that suits you. There’s a few hills around and some dirt track riding, but let your friendly guide know and we can tailor the journey to your comfort levels.

Signature Experiences

Discover a curated selection of Nyungwe’s most iconic sights, including the captivating flora, wildlife, and famous local tea, all touched by the unique flair of One&Only.

Tea Tour - One&Only Nyungwe House
Walking Tour - One&Only Nyungwe House
Stargazing - One&Only Nyungwe House

Signature Experiences


When the sun goes down, the forest really comes to life, and now you don’t have to miss a thing! Heading out on foot with your expert Field Guide, this private tour uses spotlights to seek out the intriguing nocturnal creatures that emerge from their tree hollows, burrows, nests, and dens at twilight. On clear nights, you can then take a turn on the telescope and hear fascinating stories about the dazzling equatorial night sky. Many of the major planets can be seen just after sunset, while famous constellations reveal their beauty against the dusk.


Take in the epic panorama of Nyungwe Forest, Lake Kivu and other iconic landmarks from the unrivalled perspective of a helicopter. With 60 minutes in the air, you’ll discover the true vastness of the jungle around you and learn more about the geography of this mountainous region. Flights take off and land at One&Only Nyungwe House’s private helipad, for a truly door-to-door service.


Nyungwe is home to an abundant array of unique and captivating birdlife, even on our doorstep. Along with our specialist guide, you’ll be taken to the periphery of the National Park to spot and learn about the most prolific, iconic, and rare species, so get your cameras ready!

Remote Outdoor Pursuits

Between pillars of ebony, over carpets of fern, into flower-covered clearings, and to the edge of dramatic peaks, follow the twists and turns of every jungle path and behold the creatures that lie within Nyungwe National Park.

Chimpanzee Trek - One&Only Nyungwe House
Canopy Walk - One&Only Nyungwe House
Bird Watching - One&Only Nyungwe House

National Park Excursions


Dashing at high speed through the flora, hooting and clanging – it’s a truly exhilarating experience to encounter chimpanzees playing, wild and free. Home to one of East Africa’s last intact chimpanzee populations, Nyungwe is an ideal place to observe chimps in their natural habitat. Most active in the morning, an early rise is required for maximum viewing opportunity, and a beautifully prepared breakfast will be enjoyed ‘on the go’. Allow our experienced, expert trackers to guide you on a deep forest trail, learning about these fascinating creatures and the enchanting forest they call home.


Embrace the home of East Africa’s most diverse primate population, as you track 13 recorded species through Nyungwe’s lush forest trails. Most active and visible in the early morning, an early rise is required for maximum viewing opportunity, and a beautifully prepared breakfast will be enjoyed ‘on the go’. We’ll take you to the only location in Africa where you can encounter Colobus monkeys, and one of the few places on the planet where L’Hoests’s monkeys can be seen. So keep your eyes peeled and prepare to be surprised at every turn by the sights and sounds of our jungle filled with life.


Welcome to a true birder’s paradise. Described by Birdlife International as "the most important site for biodiversity conservation in Rwanda," the Nyungwe National Park is home to over 300 bird species, 27 of which are endemic to the local Albertine Rift. You’ll enjoy a mesmerising trail through the forest floor as bird song accompanies your every step, and your expert guide identifies birds by ear alone, from the elusive Rwenzori Turaco to the Grey-Chested Kakamega.


Experience the rainforest from a dazzling new perspective – on the famous Canopy Walkway. The only walk of its kind in East Africa, this breathtaking construction hangs 60 metres above the forest floor between giant trees and towers, revealing a stunning view of the flora and fauna, both below and above. An iconic experience, not to be missed!


Whether you’re an experienced hiker, or just learning the ropes, Nyungwe has an extensive network of hiking trails that range from the advanced to the entry-level. Each covering unique and diverse landscapes, they highlight different treasures that exist within the forest. Filled with up-close encounters and awe-inspiring views, these trails are the most scenic way to discover Nyungwe’s natural wonders, from the ground up!

Activity bookings must be made directly through Guest Services/Front Office before 6pm daily for next day’s activity. For National Park activities, they need to be booked at Rwanda Development Board (RDB) offices before 5pm daily.

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