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The very latest exercise philosophies with advanced equipment and personalised training.

Fitness Centre - One&Only Ocean Club, Bahamas

High-tech Equipment

Offering the latest state-of-the-art cardiovascular training equipment and resistance machines from Technogym®, Kinesis™ systems and personal one-on-one training. The facility also features dedicated rooms for stretching and Pilates, cardiovascular workouts, circuit training, and a uniquely designed outdoor free-weights training platform.
Private Instruction - One&Only Ocean Club, Bahamas

Private Instruction

Experienced trainers provide personalised instruction in a variety of disciplines, including one-on-one sessions ranging from Pilates and power cycling to cardio, strength and endurance training.
  • Personal Exercise Sessions

    Personal Training

    60 minutes

    A session includes a general Fitness assessment and an individually designed session tailored to each client’s specific needs and objectives. If you are currently using a trainer or on a specific programme, our staff will be able and happy to implement your exercise requirements while you are here with us. Also, if you would like or need a fitness-related referral where you live, please ask and we will do our best to assist you in finding the resources you require.

    Flexibility/Stretch Session

    15 minutes

    For lower body and trunk, either pre or postworkout stretch using both active and passive stretching techniques.

    30 minutes

    Whole body stretch focusing on major muscle groups using primarily active isolated and dynamic/movement techniques either pre-or post-workout.

    60 minutes

    The entire package: this session is designed to address each of the body’s muscles and joints, utilizing active isolated, dynamic and static stretching modalities – a workout in itself.

    Core Training Session

    30 minutes

    This session includes a 5-minute warm-up followed by basic hip and low back stabilization exercises, and continues to core movements that specifically address the abdominal, oblique and trunk muscles. Exercises are both isometric and dynamic.

    Full Body Stabilization Training

    60 minutes

    As well as addressing the hip and trunk, this session is designed to help strengthen and stabilize the rotator cuff of the shoulders and hips as well as work at improving balance and neuromuscular coordination. Sessions are offered on beginner, intermediate and advanced levels, based on medical history and fitness level.

    60 minutes

    Whole body conditioning that is not for the faint of heart. A session that you or your muscles will not soon forget! Pushups, pull-ups, lunges and sprints make this session challenging for even the elite athlete.

    Outdoor Run/Walk

    60 minutes

    This session begins with a 10-minute stretch and warm up, followed by a 40-minute aerobic conditioning activity based specifically on the individual client’s current ability. This session ends with 10 minutes of stretching, abdominals and cool down. Availability based on weather permitting.

    Soft Sand Training

    30 minutes

    Lower body muscular and cardiovascular training on the beach. Using body weight only and multidirectional movement, this session is designed to address balance and stability in a fun and challenging way while enjoying the natural environment.


    30 minutes

    Stott-Pilates, either reformer or mat work.

    A combination of mat, reformer and floor work.

    60 minutes

    Group Glasses

    60 minutes

    8:00 AM Morning Stretch, Core and Abdominals

    60 minutes

    Cardiovascular Circuit Training

    60 minutes

    Muscular Endurance Training

    30 minutes

    Pilates – A combination of mat, reformer and floor work.

    Package rates and couples programmes are offered at reduced prices.

    Cancellation Policy: Please note that cancellations must be made at least two hours prior to the scheduled appointment time. Reservations cancelled with less than two hours notice will be charged in full.

    For information or appointments touch extension 64973.

Additional Information


Open daily: 9.00am to 8.00pm


Bottled water and Gatorade
Yoga classes
Kinesis classes (1/2 hour, Monday-Friday on request)
TechnoGym equipment
Bicycles for touring the island
Yoga on the Beach Deck every morning

Complimentary classes
Yoga daily: at 8.00am
Kinesis classes daily: at 11.00am (except Sunday)

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