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Fusing wellbeing and beauty, Bastien Gonzalez presents a collection of exclusive services for feet, hands and nails.

Foot Scrub - One&Only Reethi Rah, Maldives

Bastien's Philosophy

Beauty: The treatment leaves nails naturally shiny, even more than it would with a coat of nail varnish.

Treatments: The Bastien pedicure eliminates any nail problems or signs of skin rigidity that could lead to corns, calluses or other painful skin thickening.

Wellness: This is achieved through a specific massage that focuses on muscular flexibility, joint mobility, blood circulation and skin elasticity.

  • Bastien’s Duo - 1 hour 15 mins

    The ultimate in luxury and total relaxation. This synchronized four hands treatment focuses on your nails, hands, feet, legs and arms.

    A treatment that has been several times awarded!

    Bastien’s Pedicure - 1 hour

    An overall pedicure including a nail treatment followed with a skin treatment to eliminate hard skin and dryness; completed with a genuine massage from the toes up to the knees relieving any muscle tension and heaviness.

    Bastien’s Manicure - 45 mins

    A cuticle and nail treatment, including a natural beauty Finish to the nail and a thorough massage of the forearms wrists, hands and fingers. An unforgettable experience!

    Foot Refoundation - 35 mins

    Truly relaxing massage from the toes up to the knees, with a preliminary exfoliation performed with the Black Diamond Scrub to ease the penetration of the cream used during the massage. The effects of its active ingredients thereby being optimized.

    Global Massage Refoundation - 35 mins

    A totally relaxing leg and hand massage – toes to knee and fingers to elbow – This synchronized four hands massage brings a new lightness to the whole body.

    Reverence Spa Ritual - 45 mins

    An express treatment focused on nails and cuticles, followed by a vigorous scrub enhancing the natural beauty of your nails through a nail buffing or application of Révérence de Bastien nail lacquer.

    Reverence Spa Ritual is available for hands and feet.

    Paraffin Touch - 20 mins

    Intensify your Bastien manicure and/or pedicure with this silky supplement. The warmth of this mixture aids the penetration of applied moisturizers for deep hydration

    Colour/French Touch - 20/30 mins

    Select your preferred colour from our range of Révérence de Bastien nail lacquers, free of camphor, formaldehyde toluene and DBP. Includes nail reshaping.

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