Cultural Experiences

In collaboration with the Mingaan Wiradjuri Aboriginal Corporation, we are pleased to introduce authentic cultural tours sharing their stories, history and association with the valley. Led by local Wiradjuri Tribal Clan elder, Sharon Riley, learn about the way of life of the first Australians who have lived in harmony with nature for thousands of years.

We are proud to be supporting the Mingaan Wiradjuri people to develop tourism experiences in the area, raise awareness about the cultural significance of Wolgan Valley, as well as the importance of protecting the land and its history.

In the spirit of Yindyamarra, we ask that participants respect the cultural traditions of the elders as they walk through these special places.

Valley Cultural Tours

The name Wolgan Valley is derived from a Wiradjuri word for a graceful native shrub, the ‘Wolga’ (Australian Clematis – Clematis aristata) which grows locally and in spring decorates the woodlands of the valley with a beautiful pale flower. This unique experience will take place within the reserve and will be hosted by Aunty Sharon who will provide an insight into the language, history and traditions of the local Wiradjuri people who have lived in harmony with the Australian environment for thousands of years.

Learn about the way of life of the First Australians, including Yindyamarra, a way of behaving that shows respect to the environment, culture and country of the Wiradjuri people. The tour will consist of some 4WD, some bush walking over uneven terrain and some interactive hands on experiences. Participants are advised to wear outdoor clothing suitable to the weather and sturdy covered footwear suitable for bushwalking. Open to all ages, but not suitable for prams.

Saturdays: 9.30am - 12.00pm
$75 per person

Tour of Maiyingu Marragu Cultural Site (4 hours)

Embark on a very special bushwalking experience to explore the Maiyingu Marragu Rock Art and Cultural Site located on the Newnes Plateau above the Wolgan Valley.

The site includes culturally significant rock shelters and stencil-art produced from red, white and yellow ochres. The images depict many hands, a hatchet, a boomerang, as well as human figures. This special place is filled with an aesthetic ambience and dramatic natural beauty. The cliffs, overhangs and natural features of this beautiful site hold special meaning to Wiradjuri people and contains sacred places reserved for important life events, such as childbirth. Maiyingu Marragu provides a direct physical and spiritual link to ancestors and a place where traditional culture can be maintained.

The area is extremely fragile and is sacred to the Mingaan Wiradjuri people. In the spirit of Yindyamarra and respect for the cultural values of the Wiradjuri community, we strongly discourage people from visiting this sacred place unless they are accompanied by an approved representative from the Wiradjuri community.

The tour involves 30 minutes 4WD travel time each way and approximately 2.5 to 3 hours of walking to explore the various places at the site. Covered footwear suitable for bushwalking (hiking shoes or boots) is required as well as outdoor clothing suitable to the weather conditions. A hat and sun protection are recommended. A moderate level of fitness is essential, as some walking over steep and uneven ground is required. Includes morning or afternoon tea at the site. Open to all ages, but not suitable for prams. A strict 24-hour cancellation policy of 100% applies for this tour.

$950 per tour (up to 6 guests)

Book in advance

Advance bookings are essential for all tours as places are extremely limited. Guests should enquire and book directly with the resort.

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