1832 Wolgan Gin

Crafted by Nature.

1832 Wolgan Gin | Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley

We proudly unveil 1832 Wolgan Gin, our artisan, locally-distilled gin inspired by the rich bounty of the valley and created in collaboration with leading gin specialist, Mikey Enright, and Ian Glen from the historical Stone Pine Distillery.

From the origins of the land and early settler heritage in 1832 to now, Wolgan Valley nestles in 7,000-acres of vast protected wilderness among cliffs and canyons carved by time. Historically named after the early settler heritage of Wolgan Valley in 1832, this artisan blend has been crafted by nature and is a delicious, aromatic spirit with a deep connection to the valley of its origin.

Distilled with purified water from the pristine Carne Creek, which flows through the resort’s surrounding nature reserve, 1832 Wolgan Gin is infused with seven native botanicals that come together to create a flavour profile distinctive to the region. Hand-picked lemon-scented tea tree from the nature reserve has been blended with coriander seed, finger lime, juniper berry, angelica root, orris root and liquorice root to infuse 1832 Wolgan Gin with flavours that are instantly evocative of the pristine bushland wilderness.

Mikey Enright of the Barber Shop is a passionate, award-winning gin professional with over 30 years’ experience in the hospitality industry. A restless entrepreneur, Mikey co-owns three iconic bars in Sydney and his gin expertise was invaluable to defining the style of gin and the creation of three bespoke gin cocktails – the One&Only, the Valley Gin & Tonic and the Wolgan Martini.

Working alongside the resort team and Mikey, was distiller Ian Glen from Stone Pine Distillery which is situated on the site of the 1840's historic homestead ‘Merembra’ in nearby Bathurst, just over an hour’s drive from Wolgan Valley. Ian grew up in Scotland and moved to Australia in 2006 and his minimal-process microdistillery approach to gin-making is perfectly aligned with the sustainable ethos of Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley.

Krug Picnic | emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley
1832 Wolgan Gin | Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley
1832 Wolgan Gin | Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley
1832 Wolgan Gin | Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley


Wolgan 1832 Gin has a well-balanced flavour profile, with juniper and citrus notes backed up by herbaceous tea tree character and a hint of spice.

Medium-length finish and smooth finish with juniper, citrus and tee tree lingering on the palate.

1832 Wolgan Gin is exclusively available to enjoy at Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley and The Barber Shop in Sydney. Both locations will be serving three bespoke cocktails crafted to showcase the unique flavour of 1832 Wolgan Gin; The One&Only, which is mixed with St Germain Elderflower, yuzu and French oak tincture, as well as two versions of classic blends, Valley Gin & Tonic and Wolgan Martini.

Available exclusively at Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley and The Barber Shop in Sydney.

A limited number of bottles will be available to purchase online via Nip of Courage.
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