Тору Огасавара

Всемирно известный инструктор по терапии ватсу

Toru Ogasawara | One&Only Reethi Rah
Toru Ogasawara

Тору Огасавара — всемирно известный инструктор по терапии ватсу, акватерапии, дыхательной гимнастике и медитации. Он является основателем и президентом Центра ватсу на Окинаве в Японии.


Watsu Therapy

Focusing on aquatic bodywork, breathing exercises and meditation, Watsu supports rhythmic, flowing movements which work to activate pressure points, mobilize joints and gently stretch your muscles; encouraging total wellbeing and harmony.

Toru Ogasawara describes Watsu as a “moving, flowing meditation in the water”. Watsu Therapy is performed in 36-degree water addressing the whole body, energy system and emotional balance, using pressure, positional alignment and stretching to facilitate integration of the mind, body and spirit.

Healing Water Dance

Healing Water Dance is a graceful and powerful form of aquatic bodywork, conducted in warm water, integrating elements of Watsu, Water dance, Trager work, movement and dance. This therapy reflects how water and the body naturally move together. Healing Dance takes advantage of the full three-dimensionality of the water with broad dynamic movements through a constant flow, freedom and lightness.

Blocked energies are opened up by more than thirty hydrodynamic waves and spirals, as well as various spatial mandalas in the form of circles, figure 8’s and releases, freeing and re-animating the body.


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