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Choux Pastry

Bring the water, milk, butter, salt and sugar to the boil. Mix in the flour. Put back onto the heat for a minute and then add the eggs, one by one.
Place the choux mixture into a piping bag and pipe 5 rounds of 7 cm each. Bake for one hour at 150 deg C.

Crunchy Praline

Melt the chocolate, then mix in all the rest of the ingredients.

Hazelnut Ice Cream

Simmer the milk, mix in sugar and egg yolk, then cook all together at 85 degrees. Temperature has to be 85 degrees, hence it has to be checked with the thermometer. Add praline and hazelnut paste. Cool down and place into an ice cream machine. Keep in the freezer.

Hazelnut Sauce

Boil milk and cream together. Drop in the chocolate and praline, and blend together.

Chantilly Cream

To put everything together, cut the choux in half and spread the crunchy mix onto the bottom. Then place a big scoop of ice cream, and pipe Chantilly cream all around the ice cream with a cruciform nozzle. Place the choux lid back on and drop some Chantilly cream and roasted hazelnuts on top. Serve with a pot of hot hazelnut sauce.


Choux Pastry
125g water
125ml milk
125g butter
5g sugar
5g salt
150g flour
5 eggs

Crunchy Praline
125g milk chocolate
250g hazelnut paste
250g praline (readymade, purchased)
250g feuilletine (readymade, purchased)

Hazelnut Ice Cream
100 ml
120g sugar
5 egg yolks
100g praline (readymade, purchased)
100g hazelnut paste

Hazelnut Sauce
300 ml
400ml cream
500g Jivara chocolate
100g praline (readymade)

Chantilly Cream
250g cream
25g sugar