Welcome to the most desirable address in town

Urban Resorts


Imagine a place that’s the centre of everything. Of culture, of cuisine, of entertainment, of business. Where the fascinating gravitate by day, and circulate by night, and where everything the city offers can be curated, just for you.

Welcome to the most desirable address in town. Welcome to One&Only Urban Resorts.

Glittering at the heart of the world’s most vibrant metropolises, capturing the imagination of every passer-by, One&Only Urban Resorts are beacons of excitement that not only curate the best of the city, they create a unique buzz of their own.

One&Only One Za'abeel
Coming Soon - One&Only One Za'abeel
One&Only One Za'abeel - Coming Soon

Behold the dawn of a new, all-encompassing resort experience in Dubai

A vibrant hub for bus, a coveted destination for shopping, a magnetic stage for entertainment, and a haven for inner-city wellness, she will be more than a trailblazing icon of the skyline, she will be an utterly unrivalled urban oasis.

Urban Resorts | One&Only Cape Town
One&Only Cape Town


Step off the street and breathe. Discover
an inner-city garden, bursting with blooms.
Your secluded sanctuary, with ambient
tailored lighting. A nourishing spa, with
the perfect pick-me-up. Suddenly, you’re a
million miles away.

Celebrated restaurants champion local ingredients in jaw-dropping spaces that whisper “you’ve arrived”. Fashionable bars lure the city’s most fascinating, with coveted skylines and cocktails that wow.

Dreamy private havens offer stylish retreats to relax, entertain, and shut-out the world. All the while, warm, intuitive service, like you never thought possible, ensures every detail of your stay is entirely effortless, entirely ‘you’.

Dubai Marina
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