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Regeneration Begins

Like all Australians, we are deeply saddened by the devastation of the bushfires and our hearts go out to those who have been impacted. We are indebted to the NSW Rural Fire Service, who worked hard to control the Gosper’s Mountain fire activity in and around Wolgan Valley in December 2019. We appreciate their courage and dedication and thank them for their incredible efforts.

The valley is safe and beautiful and whilst there is visible scarring in the surrounding bushland and National Parks, the Main Homestead, villas, 1832 Heritage Homestead and immediate surrounds were fortunately spared. Encouragingly, there are already signs of regeneration and native wildlife that call our 7,000-acre reserve home have already returned with kangaroos and wallabies roaming abundantly.

Now more than ever is the time to follow our conservation journey, join us in the valley and experience the incredible transformation of nature. Witness the regeneration of the landscape and participate in meaningful conservation work as you relax in the majesty of Australia’s iconic Greater Blue Mountains.

Conservation Stories

Kangaroos at Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley

Abundant Wildlife

Many areas of the surrounding bushland remain untouched, which is a blessing for wildlife biodiversity. The native wildlife that call Wolgan Valley home have already returned with kangaroos, wallabies, wombats, reptiles and birdlife roaming abundantly both close to the resort, and out on our 7,000-acre reserve.

Flora & Fauna at Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley

Eucalyptus Regeneration

Encouragingly, we are already witnessing incredible natural regeneration occurring in bushfire affected areas of the surrounding bushland and National Parks.

Australian plants demonstrate a range of adaptation strategies to cope with environmental stressors such as bushfires. Many of the eucalyptus trees in Wolgan Valley are currently demonstrating the coppicing responses of epicormic growth (from under the bark) or lignotuber growth (from the base of the trunk). As a result, impacted areas of woodland are showing many patches of green.

Flora at Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley

Habitat Restoration

Led by our dedicated Field Guides, habitat restoration work has commenced and will support the regeneration of the landscape. Several ‘Habitat Recovery Areas’ have been identified and will provide an important source of environmental data as we continue to monitor the recovery of wildlife and ecosystems in affected areas.

We will also access our seed bank, of over one million seeds with over 25 local native species collected by guests, to help repopulate areas of damage and support wildlife habitat projects.

Wollemi Pine Tree at Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley

Wollemi Pine

The original wild specimens of the ancient Wollemi Pine tree, located in neighbouring Wollemi National Park were thankfully saved. Here on our reserve, the Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley Wollemi Pine Grove was unfortunately impacted. Luckily, one tree in the grove remains completely untouched. The rest of the grove has been damaged by bushfire; however, all trees are attempting to regenerate and we will care for them very closely.

Flora at Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley

Colleague Conservation

A love of nature and the environment permeates amongst the entire team at the resort, and we will be hosting regular Colleague Conservation Days to support the regeneration of the reserve. Teams will work to re-establish habitats in impacted areas. This will include collecting fallen timber, organic matter and branches and using this to recreate natural habitat complexity, particularly for insects, reptiles and small marsupials who have been most heavily impacted by the bushfires.

Carne Creek | Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley

Carne Creek

The Carne Creek riparian zone on our reserve was impacted by ash, fire, falling trees and wash off during the recent rains. All water testing conducted have returned normal readings (aside from colour, which steadily improving as the weeks go by). Native wildlife are regularly sighted using the creek as a water source and we had a suspected platypus sighting at the end of January.

Mountain View at Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley

Holiday Here This Year

We are very proud to be supporting Tourism Australia with their ‘Holiday Here This Year’ campaign, encouraging Australians and international visitors to support bushfire affected communities. Simone Brooks, our Activities and Conservation Manager discusses the impact of bushfires, the resilience of Australians and the land, and the incredible opportunity for visitors to witness the regeneration of nature.

Kangaroos at Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley
Simone Brooks at Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley

Meet Simone

What started out as a one year stint as a Nature Guide has turned into a decade long journey at Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley. Simone now oversees all our Field and Horse Guides, ensuring all our guests have a truly memorable experience. An environmental educator all her life, Simone was initially attracted to the resort's ethos of sustainable luxury conservation-based tourism: "Wolgan Valley is an extremely special place...I feel a great responsibility to inspire people to take care of the planet." 

Simone Brooks at Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley

Witness the Renewal

Simone Brooks, along with many of our Field Guides, calls Wolgan Valley home: "I love being part of this story. That story goes back further than the most recent bushfires, but this is just a new chapter in the history of the valley". Simone encourages anyone to come and visit Wolgan Valley to see its regeneration, and take part in restoration and conservation activities: "This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see how nature copes with significant change. To see how resilient nature can be".

Simone Brooks at Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley
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