Suviche 餐厅


Suviche 用餐区


Suviche 餐厅供应新鲜寿司与刺身以及精选墨西哥酸橘汁腌鱼,为食客带来独特的国际风味。再加上 Jean-Georges 的招牌法国-亚洲风味,必将为您带来极致用餐体验。餐厅还提供丰富多样的茶和清酒,更有清酒侍酒师为您推荐酒品。


每日:下午 6:00 至晚上 10:00




+52 624 146 7000
+1 888 691 8081

帕尔米亚 One&Only 唯逸度假酒店非常乐意为所有客人提供符合其特殊饮食需求的膳食。请在入住前通知度假酒店,以确保您的特殊膳食需求能得到满足。

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Kazuki Takubo


Originally from Ichihara, Japan, Kazuki Takubo cumulates over 20 years of culinary experience. Well-versed in Japan’s sushi-making scene, Kazuki sought international experience and decided to pursue his dreams of working abroad. Chef Takubo is now leading his new team with passion and refined technique as One&Only Palmilla’s Executive Chef at Suviche.

Kazuki’s childhood in Japan exposed him to an abundance of cooking with his grandparents, uncle and father all being well-known regional chefs. Inspired by his family’s home-cooking and the art of sushi making, Chef Takubo aspired to become one of Japan’s top sushi chefs; at the age of 20, Kazuki began realizing his dream and started working as a sushi chef and never looked back. Since then, he has worked alongside several renowned chefs and has lead culinary teams in a variety of restaurants, most recently Sushi Aoki, where he was mentored by Founder and Head Chef, Toshikatsu Aoki for over 15 years. Under Chef Aoki’s wing for more than a decade, Kazuki realized and mastered his elegant and playful style and is excited to bring his skills and passion to the table.

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