Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley

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TRUE Leadership Equus Coaching

Experience four days of TRUE Leadership Equus Coaching immersed in the wild, breathtaking beauty of the Greater Blue Mountains and cocooned in ultra-luxury at Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley.

TRUE Leadership Equus Coaching provides a unique learning experience with horses that combines world-class life coaching with the timeless wisdom of the natural world. This is a rare opportunity to receive clear, direct feedback in a communication exchange with a horse from the ground, to gain a visceral awareness of the type of patterns that play out in all of your human relationships and in your everyday life.

A horse’s direct and honest feedback will deepen your understanding of yourself and, with self-awareness, self-mastery becomes possible. You will explore your distinctive leadership blueprint, your communication style and your most creative, innovative self when you see yourself through the eyes of a horse. The herd will playfully share with you the ancient wisdom of the natural world, guiding you back home to your self-empowered brilliance and helping you to accelerate your life with horsepower.

Kelly Eide, a Master Equus Facilitator, will be your guide, in partnership with the resort’s herd of horses. Kelly believes that when you connect with nature, you connect with your own true nature.

Kelly will hold space and facilitate a profound, transformational, personal experience for you by blending her corporate experience with the embodied experience of deep trust, respect and discernment that horses have taught her. Together, we will become a high-performing herd, honouring and valuing everyone’s gifts and unique contributions.

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