In collaboration with Australia’s cosmeceutical range, Ultraceuticals Ultimate MD, One&Only Spa presents a selection of paramedical performance-focused facials. These facials are specially designed to achieve real visible skin results. All treatments commence with an in-depth skin analysis to allow our therapists to personally tailor your facial experience.

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  • SKIN PERFECTION (60 mins)

    Described as the powerhouse of anti-aging treatments, utilising Vitamin A and Enzymes.This facial will plump the skin, whilst refining and improving fine lines and wrinkles. $210.

    VITA-CLEAR (60 mins)

    This facial is designed to improve the skin’s texture, clear congestion, reduce redness and calm the skin. Ideal for acne and blackhead-prone skin, a vitamin peel improves overall skin health for a clearer complexion. $210.

    RADIANCE + (60 mins)

    Fast-acting ingredients, including a paramedical mask, work to brighten and even overall skin tone, whilst improving clarity and radiance. $220.

    ONLY MEN (60 mins)

    This facial is specially tailored to treat male skin concerns and includes a deep cleanse with active vitamins to even texture, improve congestion and invigorate the skin. $220.

    ULTRA INDULGENCE (60 mins)

    Exclusive to One&Only Spa, this signature facial experience combines relaxation with real results to ensure an unforgettable skin experience. This treatment is complete with an indulgent hand and foot cocoon to soften and refine. $325.



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需要提前预订。请注意,为了能给入住客人 提供最优质的服务和高度隐私, 水疗中心不为当日到访游客提供服务。



客人应至少提前 15-30 分钟到达预约场所, 以便充分享受水疗体验, 并留出时间与理疗师交流个人需求,定制适合自己的水疗方案。

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