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The science behind wellness

Forging a new and exclusive partnership with Chenot Espace, One&Only Portonovi is taking health into the future.


Chenot Espace

The pinnacle of spa-centred, holistic wellness, the world-famous Chenot Espace makes its way to the shores of Montenegro, finding its perfect home in the surroundings of One&Only Portonovi. Blending Chinese medicine and Western technology, Chenot Espace takes a revolutionary approach to wellness with life-changing detoxifying programmes and 'next generation technology' in skin care.

Cupping at One&Only Portonovi

Leader in health and wellness - with almost 50 years of research and experience

Multi-dimensional wellness experience with al fresco yoga, movement and exercise classes.

Head Massage at One&Only Portonovi

A 360-degree approach to your wellbeing and beauty.

Biolight and detox diet plans to promote vitality and boost energy levels, as part of the Chenot Method®.

Wellness Treatment at One&Only Resorts

Integrated detox treatments and diet plans by the Chenot Method®.

Club One Gym at One&Only Le Saint Géran

Private one-on-one training sessions at the fitness centre.

A Scientific approach to wellness

Every wellness journey is individual, so here, every programme is bespoke. Tailored treatments are immersive and holistic, including nutritional menus, fitness schedules, targeted spa treatments, stress relieving activities, and cosmetic beautification. What's more, you’ll be armed with a wealth of knowledge so you can lead a healthier, more mindful existence when you return home.

Spa Corridor at One&Only Le Saint Géran

The established Chenot Espace Wellness Centre will be unveiled at the upcoming One&Only Portonovi in Montenegro, our first resort in Europe. Here, the Chenot Method® inspires a journey of detoxing and resetting the body, including Chenot Espace check-ups and detox diets, as well as medical and spa treatments.

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